Short Film ‘Return’ Explores the Meaning of Life Through Family and Friendship Bonds

After exploring how our relationships and families bring about the ultimate meaning of life, director and photographer, Dillion Buirski, alongside a team of talented individuals brought the short film, ‘Return’ to life.

‘Return’ follows the story of a protagonist who is submerged in a nightmarish world where he is constantly chasing and running after a better reality, in which he keeps replaying memories of a simpler time with his partner, his muse, and his family. He lives in a constant turmoil of trying to return to a life before the chaos.

Replaying memories of their most sacred family moments, he keeps wishing he appreciated all the seemingly insignificant events. His anguish builds up and then reaches a breaking point, upon the viewer is taken through self-realisation that what is most important during a crisis, are the steady rhythmic beats of our relationships.

The film was shot as a passion project before the world as we know it was turned upside down. The post-production direction has taken a few twists and turns over the past two months, as the team realised the film is incredibly relevant as a social commentary to the current world crisis and the collective challenge that has brought about so much change.


Director – Dillion Buirski

Production – Anja Marais / we are_

Directing Assistant – Luka Scott / we are_

DOP – Jason Hearn

1st AC – Patrick Spilsbury

Loader – Nicholas Spilsbury

Gaffer – Badger Bloemraad

1st Lighting Assist – Kyle Brooks

2nd Lighting Assist – John Ndakama

Assistant – Carl Martin

HMU – Robyn-Lee Crocker

HMU – Zainab Fife

Styling & Art – Corine Stijnen

Post Supervision – Calvin Shushu / we are_

Editor – Luka Scott / we are_

Editor Assistant – Annika Botha / we are_

Voice Over Artist – Théo Le Moing

Voice Over Artist – Noé Malthiery Gomez

Colorist – Kyle Stroebel / Refinery

Sound Design – Stephen Webster / The Workroom

Translator – Kenza Fakira

Vehicle – Andrew at Buchanan Studios

Talent – Rein Langeveld, Mycah Pia Benzon, Rafaelle Langeveld, Kristin Langeveld and Miguel Langeveld

Film Equipment – Panavision, Peter Lambert, Badger Bloemraad

Between 10 and 5