Lungelo Manzi Set to Release Debut Single Titled ‘Sometimes’

Lungelo Manzi is an emerging Durban-based recording artist and producer who built his style of sound on emotive storytelling and alternative interpretations of hip-hop drum loops and melodic synthesizers and pads.

Delving deep into meaningful music, Manzi’s latest single, titled ‘Sometimes’, speaks of moments during the journey of making it out of a dark place and reaching a personal goal of mental fulfillment.

The visuals for the single follow suit by looking at the day in the life of an emerging artist on the brink of a huge turning point in his career. His efforts are leveled by personal heartbreak, a suspended income stream, and a global pandemic. The social distancing spent at home creates a depressive spiraling out. It is by being reminded of his own gift as an artist that keeps the hope alive for the protagonist managing his expectations as well as his mental health.

This video marks the first visual treatment in his discography and a directorial debut for the artist.


A Cultured Chaos and Deeply [Rooted] Presentation

Directed by Lungelo Manzi & Silo Dimba
Written by Lungelo Manzi
Produced by Nzuzo Mkhabela
Art Direction by Amanda B. Nkosi
Director of Photography by Silo Dimba
Camera Assistance by Naeem Blue & Xopher Wallace
Starring Lungelo Manzi as Lungelo Manzi, Injemnyama & Black Dog


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