Anthony Bila Shoots Short Film ‘The Isolationist’ While in Isolation

The global pandemic has forced many of us into isolation, forcing us to explore new ways to continue creating and perfecting our craft. For creative director and founder of Studio Bila, Anthony Bila’s 60 days of isolation included writing, directing, shooting, editing, and starring in what he refers to as a ‘self-portrait film’ titled ‘The Isolationist.’

“Are we alone with everybody? Or is everybody alone? This film explores the question through the lens of a man set apart from the world, writhing in the pangs of isolation. All-around and all at once, what surrounds him isn’t as it appears. Enter the abyss,” he shares.

The film is the creative’s way of processing personal thoughts and feelings, alongside what has and continues to unfold in the world around us as a result of the global pandemic and racial protests sparked by racial injustices.

The full film releases on Saturday, 20 June. Follow The Isolationist Film on Instagram for more.


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