How To Contribute To Between10and5

We are always looking for new contributions, as well as new voices on our growing platform. 10and5 has always been dedicated to highlighting emerging talent across South Africa, this time we want to provide young journalists and writers the platform to share their stories with hundreds and thousands of readers that visit our website every month.

Here’s how you can get your work published on the site:

Introduce yourself and your work.

You need to sell yourself as well as your skills. You don’t need to write your entire life story, but a brief introduction of not more than 250 words detailing who you are and what you do will suffice.

Research topics that interest you and intrigue readers.

Research what 10and5 stands for so you have a precise idea of what stories will work. More importantly, make sure that what you are pitching hasn’t already been covered. There is no new idea under the sun, but you can always find a new and interesting angle to an old story.

Pitch more than one idea.

It’s important that you pitch more than one story idea to our editorial team. Not every story will be a good fit for 10and5, however, if you have more than one story idea, you have a higher chance of getting at least one of your articles published.

Include references to your old/existing work – if you have.

Attaching links to your old work is the best and easiest way to showcase your work to our editorial team. If you are including unpublished work, attach it to the mail. Don’t send WeTransfer, Dropbox links, or large files.

Proofread your email and make sure your links are not broken.

Make sure your email doesn’t have any spelling errors. Double-check that you have included the correct links.

Lastly, submit your stories to our team here:


Between 10 and 5