Check Out Sanché Frolich’s ‘Made for You’ Project with Lampost Luminaries

The Lampost Luminaries’ Project 5 was briefed in by Avatar Agency Group executive creative director, Sanché Frolich van Rensburg. She felt that the perfect size woman represented by the fashion industry for decades showcased only a tiny segment of what women looked like so she mentored the LUMES through a fashion brand for the curvier woman. This was the Luminaries’ first shoot back in the studio since the lockdown in March. We caught up with Sanché to find out what she thought of working on YXU with the LUMES.

What were your expectations from the Lampost Luminaries as young women photographers when you set them the YXU Project Brief?
I was rather excited to be part of this project. I expected to see the true passion and fresh ideas.

Did they meet and deliver on your expectations in their treatments? 

The Lampost Luminaries over delivered and superseded my expectations. The level of output and quality was out of this world. I was extremely impressed and proud.

Did you feel that each of them really connected with their chosen models? 

Yes indeed. It’s important that a model feels comfortable while shooting with a photographer to truly get the best from them, that’s how you get those real authentic moments. The Lampost Luminaries chose womxn models that were truly authentic and who felt comfortable to be captured. This is true to the expressions and confidence in all the images.

Did you feel that the images captured who the YXU women are? 
The Lumes chose womxn models that were a true reflection of the brand from their attitude, to their confidence.

Do you think that women photographers connect differently with their subjects and for a project like the launch of YXU, do you think this an important consideration for brands wanting to connect with their female audience?

 Yes, I do agree. As a female photographer, you have a softer approach but with a great vision. I do believe that womxn models (depending on the nature of the shoot) feel more relaxed with a female photographer, especially if the model is new to being photographed, eg. a street cast.


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