Yogi Sip Young Creators’ Network Top 15: Meet Lethabo Huma

Art, as a medium of communication, is used differently by many; multiple artists use their artistic skills to paint a narrative of the world around them, while others use the medium to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Young Creators’ Network artist, Lethabo Huma, leans towards the second mode; using her creations to communicate her thoughts and emotions. “Growing up, I had always been a child who struggled with articulating my thoughts and emotions,” she shares.

The Pretoria-based digital artist recognised her passion for art in grade 9 after her Arts & Culture teacher offered her and her classmates the opportunity to exhibit their drawings in her classroom whenever they had artwork to share.

“This is where I found a way to communicate my thoughts and emotions with the world. I continued to explore with various media in pursuit of finding interesting ways to create and through this I found digital art, a discipline I have been practicing for two years.”

Tackling her childhood challenge of being unable to express herself has influenced the central theme of her work. She also intends to form a connection between her work and the viewer by telling visual stories.

The role of an artist is to tell a story. Whether it is about speaking up on injustices or something directed more towards the self. To tell a story about our lives is constant documentation of our history. This allows for our work to speak for us years after we are gone and to leave a cultural footprint that essentially says ‘we were here’.

“My work speaks on many topics of life including issues we are faced with today. My most recent piece, ‘See No Evil’ speaks on witnessing an injustice, particularly racial, done on someone and turning a blind eye,” she adds.

Huma believes that entering the Yogi Sip Young Creator’s Network and being selected as the top 15 will allow her the opportunity to tell a story the best way she knows how.

While speaking of her future, she shares that people can expect impassioned, vibrant and soulful visual stories, as well as an online store which will launch soon on her website.

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