Yogi Sip Young Creators’ Network Top 15: Meet Sinomonde Ngwane

Sinomonde Ngwane is a 24-year-old graphic designer and illustrator based in Durban who forms part of the creatives selected for Yogi Sip’s Young Creators’ Network top 15; an annual competition that aims to empower the youth by affording creators from across the country a chance to shine and potentially design the brand’s packaging.  

Ngwane entered this year’s competition because she wants to associate herself with a brand she describes as ‘authentic’. A brand that stands for something strong and uses its influence as an empowerment tool.

“Yogi Sip is a very nostalgic brand for me with sweet memories, and being able to create limited edition packaging for them would be an honour. Even though times have changed, the essence of Yogi Sip remains in the brand DNA. As a graphic designer and illustrator, it is admirable when a brand has a personality, stands for something, and uses its platform to empower others. I would love to be associated with such a brand.”

Throughout her career, Ngwane has worked with a number of well-known local and international brands such as Netflix, Standard Bank, Mobicel, Superbalist, Champion Sweets to name a few. She wishes to add Yogi Sip to her growing list by winning the Young Creators’ Network competition and believes being part of the top 15 brings her a step closer to achieving this as well as various goals.

“Being a part of the top 15 means potentially being able to design a limited-edition packaging which will be a memory to someone out there. As a visual person, packaging can play a huge role in the way one experiences a brand.”

“I hope to create something memorable that spreads an important message and I hope to inspire young creatives (especially creatives of colour) and show them that the possibilities are endless in this industry. I want a young creative to say “wow, I actually can pursue a career as a creative” after seeing my design on the bottle of Yogi Sip,” she adds.

With the intention of positively representing black women and visually narrating their stories, Ngwane’s work often explores and responds to issues of vulnerability as well as the lack of representation of black women within the media. To bring these creations to life, she draws inspiration from various artistic avenues, places, conversations, and her personal experience of being a black woman in South Africa. With this in mind, the graphic designer admires the works of Delmaine Donson, who celebrates all women of colour through her art.

Ngwane looks forward to working on more meaningful projects and collaborations, and leaving behind a legacy that has made a strong impact within the industry. “I will know I have made it when I have made an impact on many lives around the world through my creative work. Success to me is being able to break all barriers and be a strong leader in your field.”

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