Yogi Sip Young Creators’ Network Top 15: Meet Prince Nhlapo

For Prince, being a part of the Young Creators’ Network means that the fruits of his labor are finally paying off. After having spent over a decade working on his craft – and sharpening his artistic skills – he feels that this is confirmation that he is headed in the right direction.

Prince Nhlapo is a promising creative from Vanderbijlpark, an industrial city located in the south of Gauteng. He fell in love with words when he was in grade one and thus began his creative journey as a poet. However, poetry was soon replaced by music after he started experimenting with music. His counterpart, Manthe Ribane’s ability to incorporate visual arts into her music inspired him to start exploring visual arts as well.

“My work is mostly conceptual storytelling through visual arts, I explore any theme that makes me ‘feel’ something. My base is emotions and demonstrating my feelings through art,” he says.

“I entered the competition because I want to show people different narratives that are based on emotions, I want people to realise that it’s okay to feel and to create as you please. A lot of people bottle up emotions and I want to tell society that we all need an outlet – bottling things up will only harm your mental health.”

Beyond visual arts, Nhlapo wants to pursue creative directing. He enjoys coming up with different concepts and wants to broaden his photography skills.

When we asked what success looks like for him he shares, “I will know I have made it when I can afford to do anything creatively with no boundary including traveling abroad, exhibiting my work and showcasing my greatest ideas to the world.”

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