Africa’s Top & Emerging Artists Team Up with HUAWEI Music to Curate Playlists of their Favourite Tracks

HUAWEI Music has partnered up with some of Africa’s biggest musical talents to launch a variety of curated playlists, which are currently available on the music streaming service platform. Amongst the artists collaborating with the big-name brand are award-winning South African musicians K.O and Holly Rey.

In addition to fans having access to these artists’ music and millions of other songs at their fingertips, they will now also have the opportunity to listen to a hand-picked selection of what some of their favourite artists are currently listening to on the music streaming platform.

DJ Dimplez, Kiddominant, pH Raw X, Julanie J, Dr. Bone, Mvzzle and Majorsteez are among the artists who have created playlists exclusively for premium subscribers of HUAWEI Music across South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Each playlist will represent the artist’s unique music taste and preference, giving fans the ability to connect with their favourite artist and understand where they draw their musical inspiration from.

From the available 10 playlists, HUAWEI Music is giving audiences the power to decide which is their favourite playlist by voting. The playlist which will emerge as number one will receive prime placement within the HUAWEI Music app and marketing support on the platform for the rest of the year.

New users who subscribed for a premium membership to HUAWEI Music during the month of July are eligible to enter a lucky draw for the chance to win exciting prizes such as the newly launched Huawei P40 device whose ecosystem runs entirely on HUAWEI Mobile Services. In addition to the impeccable P40, the lucky winner will receive a 6-month free subscription to HUAWEI Music.

HUAWEI Music features:

  • 3 months VIP free trial with 20% off paid subscription for the first month thereafter
  • High quality songs: Experience the music you love in super quality sound mode (17 -24MB)
  • 100% manually and locally curated playlists
  • Quick access: Top content by genre, radio, skins and in-app party mode
  • Recommendation engine: Based on user preference metadata and algorithms
  • Improved search engine functionality and relevant search recommendations and
  • Personalised skins and player themes: New styles released regularly to suit any style.

Vote for your favourite playlist here.


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