Bianca Theron Hosts Photography Masterclass on the Art of Lighting & Simple Composition

For her Photography Masterclass, Lampost photographer, Bianca Theron is going back to basics and recollecting her numerous lessons learnt throughout her career to be able to share this knowledge and some insight with her virtual attendees.

Theron’s Masterclass, taking place on Monday, 24 August as part of our Creative Women Month campaign, will take us through the photographer’s career journey, the art of beautiful lighting, simple composition and her unique talent of focusing on the subject at hand, as well as mastering the skill of creating depth within an image. “I’ll be chatting about lighting setups and why they are so important. It is the fundamental skill to being a great photographer,” she says.

While touching on her creative journey, Theron shares that she made a concerted effort to work with as many different kinds of photographers as possible; with the intention of understanding the entire spectrum of the photography world in order to make sure that where she ended up would the right position for her.

“I learnt everything that I could to gain enough skills to begin my own journey as a photographer – eventually being represented by Lampost Productions,” Theron says. “I originally fell in love with photographing beauty, always pushing myself to create more intriguing photographs. Over time I started experimenting with product photography, allowing my beauty expertise to change the way the products are seen. I wanted to do something different and not just the ordinary product lighting – this made the transition more interesting and eventually it showed a different aspect that excited me,” she adds.

Her focus and attention to minute detail has lead her to become a client favourite when it comes to Packs or Still Life photography projects; these well-known brands she has worked with include Dark & Lovely, Audi, Ciroc, Neutrogena, and Glamour Magazine to name a few.

Theron’s striking photographs, which are inspired by innovation, emotion and energy, can be seen as complex studies in simplicity. Her work focuses on the essentials of her subjects, allowing beautiful lighting and simple composition to draw you in for another look.

“My work focuses on the fundamental basics of what I’m photographing, whether it be a person or product. Beautiful lighting and simple composition is the key to my style, I want the subject to be shown in the best possible way by enhancing its characteristics,” Theron shares.

While acknowledging that the photography industry is rather male orientated, she finds it important to give women the same opportunity to grow and become highly recognised photographers within the industry. Through this Masterclass, she shares that she aims to give back to the community and push for growth for women photographers in one way or another.

Join Theron on Monday, 24 August at 7pm for an opportunity to learn more about her craft and photography fundamentals. Buy your ticket here.

Between 10 and 5