10and5 Presents: Creative Women in UX Webinar

User Experience Design, and Customer Experience consulting work in general, has become a mainstay within the marketing, design, and technology industries. Women tend to do better in fields demanding empathy, such as this, but does that influence end up in the final product? And is this a career that is giving women a chance to make their mark in the digital era?

Join this panel with VMLY&R’s Jacqui Maroun, a veteran with over 20 years experience in the CX world, along with Geramri Steenkamp, Head of UX at VMLY&R; Sarah Blake, a UX consultant who has led major UX teams and projects over the years; Tracy Frayne, who is Head of Experience Design within Digital Platforms at Standard Bank; and Junior UX Designer, Ayanda Ndaba.

Get to know the speakers:

Germari Steenkamp

Germari Steenkamp advocates for deep human understanding and designing solutions that meet real needs -for businesses and customers alike.

At home, she is an animal mom, with a passion for traveling and new experiences. As a white woman in South Africa, she recognises the privileges, gaps and biases that exist, and strives to improve herself and her environment through empathy and honest conversations.

Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake’s UX experience includes building the UX and Analytics teams at Quirk, leading large ecommerce web and app builds and fun diversions, such as ATM interfaces and phone development. She believes that individuals within communities should always strive to ask better questions.

Tracy Frayne

Frayne has been part of the digital design world for over 20 years. With experience in both digital and traditional advertising agencies, a web development company, consulting and freelance work, she has got a wide view of the world and what it takes to create impressive digital products.

She is currently the Head of Experience Design within the Digital Platforms team at Standard Bank, focused on creating customer-centric platforms that underpin many of the bank’s digital channels.

Ayanda Ndaba

Ayanda Ndaba holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as a Honors Degree in Social Anthropology. She is a firm believer in the power of ubuntu, especially in the application of digital strategy. She recently had exposure in UX design as an intern at VMLY&R, which she identifies as a turning point in her career.

“What I love the most about UX design is the opportunity to merge design with deeply qualitative methodologies such as ethnography to gain better insights on user experiences,” she says.

Jacqui Maroun

VMLY&R’s Chief Experience Officer, Jacqui Maroun believes that deep empathy and design thinking rewires organisations in transformative ways, with positive results for you and your customers. She is also passionate about growing the skills required for customer experience, design and eCommerce in this country.

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