CWM IG Auction |Meet the Curators: Hannerie Visser

Hannerie Visser is the owner and Creative Director of Studio H, a culinary-minded design team, offering creative solutions – from brand strategy and new product development, innovation workshops and talks to activations (IRL or digital) and installations, trend reports, graphic design and content creation.

The brand’s work is driven by the senses, defined by science and innovation, and our approach is deeply rooted in exploring a sustainable future.

To close off Creative Women Month, we partnered up with Visser for our annual IG Auction, where she will curate a culinary experience for our audience. We spoke to her about this ahead of the date:

Briefly tell us about yourself and your creative journey, how did you end up where you are today?

I started my career in magazine publishing, then co-owned a graphic design studio. This eventually lead to me running my own food design consultancy, Studio H, where we focus on future food strategies for our clients.

Talk us through your process of searching for and selecting the culinary artists/chefs you have selected to take part in the auction.

I selected a group of women from the shortlist of finalists for our annual FOOD XX Women in Food Awards, which has been put on ice due to COVID. FOOD XX is a platform launched by Studio H to provide a space where we can celebrate women in food, it also provides a much-needed network of support and upliftment.

This month, we aim to celebrate women creatives through a variety of activations. In your opinion, what is the importance of highlighting women creatives in the industry, giving them a voice and celebrating their craft?

We believe that no day should pass without doing this, but we do love that we have an entire month dedicated to women in SA, where it is so needed to have a spotlight on all the challenges and issues facing women in this country every day.

What role do creatives play in ensuring women-related issues are brought awareness and women in arts are celebrated?

Through art and design, we can offer a much-needed and more accessible window that shines a light on some very serious issues such as GBV and gender inequality.

Stay tuned on our IG page this week for the auction.

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