‘The Pillow Fluffer’ Founder Lungile Nkosi Shares Interior Design Tips for Home & Work Spaces

The Pillow Fluffer is a multifaceted design studio that prides itself on exploring the many dimensions of Interior design, architecture, arts, and crafts. The brand was born out of a love for the interior design world and the impact it has on how humans live their daily lives. Founder, Lungile Nkosi aims to make design more accessible by simplifying it for all to engage with and appreciate.

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With over 10 years of experience in the Interior Design industry, the brand runs as a full design studio offering Interior Design, Interior Styling and Content Creation.

We caught up with founder Lungile Nkosi to chat about the brand and get a few design tips.

Briefly tell us about the services and experiences The Pillow Fluffer offers clients?

We offer virtual services that allow our clients to take full control over the design process at their own pace. We consult virtually, create mood boards, concept boards, and a detailed budget with a list of stores to source the recommended décor pieces. This allows people with not so big budgets to get professional assistance at an affordable rate.

Then we have the turnkey/end-to-end service where you literally hand over your keys to us, with all the trust and anticipation in the world, then let us do our magic, and we hand over to you a whole new world.

To add on to the above, one of the services you offer is interior styling and assisting clients with personalising their homes, events and a number of other spaces. While keeping in mind that people have their own personal styles and taste, how do you ensure that each client’s vision is brought to life? Are there any steps of some sort that you follow?

I must express how important personality and personal style is in a space. I make it my mission to try and get to know my client’s personality. Most people already know what they like all thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. Knowing what my clients want the space to feel like, its function and their personal interests help me take what they like from their references and customize it to their personalities.

With most people still working from home, a number of individuals have had to find ways of creating a working space at home. What tips would you give to people trying to create an environment that allows them to be productive?

How I believe one can do this without breaking the bank is to begin with engaging your 5 senses:

Sight: What do you like to see when you are in work mode that produces the best work out of you? This could be vegetation, so find a spot in your home near a window where you will get lots of natural light and see nature from your window. If you live in an area where there isn’t much vegetation, introduce indoor plants in your work corner. Indoor plants purify the air and rid your space for toxins. It is said that plants reduce stress levels and have a soothing effect on humans which automatically makes you more productive.

Smell: Smell is such a powerful thing; it affects emotions, memory and creativity. Think to yourself what smells make you happy or calm you. Does the smell of coffee make you more productive or the smell of fresh lavender calm you? Does the scent of a floral room spray or diffuser make you concentrate more and become creative? Use smell in your space to channel the right kind of emotions you need to produce great work. 

Touch: Make sure that your workspace has textures you enjoy touching. You may be someone who loves the feeling of leather, so bring it into your space by means of a leather office chair or a notebook with a leather cover. If woven textures make you feel secure, use that as a rug in your office space or corner or even as a throw.

Sound: Acoustics in your place of work is very important. What you can hear around you will either be a distraction or cause you to focus. If you stay near a busy road, find sounds you enjoy to drown out the sounds of the traffic outside. Do you like listening to meditation music? Introduce that into your workspace. As the weather begins to warm up, you may enjoy the sound of birds chirping, maybe a change of scenery is good for you. Find a nice corner outside where you can enjoy some sun and the sounds of birds singing.

Taste: Bring in all the great tasting foods and drinks- as healthy as possible- into your workspace for snack time and to keep you from doing unnecessary trips to the kitchen that will just eat up at your time! 

The beauty of having a home office or workspace is you can customize it to best suit you and your needs. Allow yourself to be as creative as possible with your space.

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Can you share five items that easily take a room from plain and boring, to chic?

  • Definitely colour is first on the list. There is so much psychology behind colour. Find out what colours you like and research the psychological effects of those colours. Every year, Pantone introduces the universal colour of the year; this can also be a great guideline for you.
  • Artwork will definitely bring a room to life.
  • Lighting; understanding lighting will help you select the right lighting for your space. General lighting is the main and overall light source in the room. Task lighting is focused on an area where there is a task being performed, like a floor lamp for reading and another accent lighting will bring ambience to a room.
  • Accessories; trends change so often, so accessories are a great way to stay on trend without having to completely change your interior space.
  • Multipurpose furniture is a current favourite of mine. Use furniture in your space that has more than one function. Big ottomans can be used as coffee tables and additional seating.

How would you describe your design style and what influences it?

My style is very much a combination of slow living and Afroclectic (if there was a word for it). I love earthy, minimal spaces. Spaces that incorporate nature into space from very natural earthy finishes to lots of natural light and tons of plants. I believe that slow living is inspired by returning to your most authentic self and finding beauty in it. Drawing from Africa is what is most authentic to me.

What are some of the textures and tones you enjoy working with?

I am really enjoying the slow living trend where nature is used as inspiration for interior spaces. That being said, I love mute earthly tones. Grass-like textures are great so hemp and jute are textures I am enjoying. I also really like leather (faux leather of course) it is timeless and works so well with almost every style.

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