Castle Milk Stout Teams Up with Muzi and Madala Kunene for the Launch of the Clan Beats 2.0 Campaign

Castle Milk Stout officially launched the single by Muzi and Madala Kunene, together with the unveiling of an exciting brand campaign set to demonstrate the importance of inter-generational collaboration. The event marked the official launch of the single KoMama an original song by Madala from 2019, later remixed by Muzi in 2020.

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“We are excited about the collaboration between Muzi and Madala, the Castle Milk Stout brand has always provided a platform for the celebration of heritage and culture and this year is no different, we brought together two great artists from different generations, to give an added pulse to the heartbeat of this important month on the South African calendar. We do hope that fans of the brand and the artists, will welcome this collaboration and will download the song, as well as stream it.” Concluded Kudzi Mathibire, Brand Director of Castle Milk Stout.

Castle Milk Stout has a long-standing relationship with South African creatives and has always used platforms like Heritage Month to bring attention to topical issues around the preservation of culture. This year Castle Milk Stout is showing that we are all bound by the same beat, by bringing together two great South African artists to create a musical masterpiece that blends the sounds of yesteryear and today.

“My immense thank you to Castle Milk Stout for making this possible; it was amazing sitting with legends like Bab’Madala Kunene and Stoan; talking about where our music has been and where it can still go” – says Muzi.

Image Credit: Supplied

The song is available across all music streaming platforms. Listen here.

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