Local fintech events platform howler has signed a four-year partnership deal with Spanish festival and entertainment brand, elrow, to become the brand’s global ticketing partner.

The partnership will see howler enter new European markets and access more global operations than ever before. Together, the two will provide eventgoers across more than 150 events, a seamless event and ticketing experience through the howler platform; the same platform that has transformed the South African party scene in the last few years.

elrow provides one of the most immersive music experiences in the world. What started as a jamboree on the outskirts of Barcelona has expanded into a worldwide travelling carnival. The sensational festival hosts over 150 productions across 26 countries, attracting over 2,3 million party-goers every year.

“I have been following the elrow brand for a number of years,” explains howler CEO, Shai Evian. “Anyone in the industry knows that elrow has set the benchmark globally. To work with them at the highest level is a dream come true. The entertainment technology industry is one of the most competitive in the world and South Africa is a breeding ground for next-generation tech. This is a massive vote of confidence, especially in the times we’re in today.”

The shared values of both brands are the drivers for this collaboration: family, fun and staying top of mind.

“It’s a dream for the Arnau family to start to work with a big platform such as howler,” comments Juan Arnau, elrow CEO. “It will let us cross new boundaries and give better services to our fans, like paying via instalments, seamless user experiences and the option to resell tickets on the same platform. We are honoured to join the South African family and make magic happen together.”

Since howler’s launch in 2015, the Johannesburg-based company has quickly evolved into one of the most sought-after event solutions in the world. Their end-to-end platform consolidates ticketing, cashless, access and insurance into a customised approach that meets clients’ specific needs.

elrow joins howler’s flagship clients in Europe, such as the world-renowned Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona; Kappa Futur Festival in Italy; Monte Verde in Portugal; and Oasis in Morocco. And although Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the live events industry, howler will still be servicing two major festivals in New Zealand this New Year’s Eve.

“We are so excited to put howler on the global events stage, working with the best in the business and helping make moments matter,” Shai adds. “This partnership is especially exciting as technology becomes the cornerstone of events, and as customer behavioural analytics become more and more valuable in creating success for future events.”

According to Shai, organisers that have insight into which customers bought what, when, and via which channels are at an advantage because they are equipped to make data-driven decisions. howler is the platform that allows these interactions to be acted upon.

howler will be announcing this partnership in conjunction with elrow at the Amsterdam Dance Event this week as they host a panel discussion on the hot topic of how to use technology and data to optimise the events experience for all parties involved.

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