Introducing The Bettr Generation: Loyiso ‘Mr Royal’ Ndlondlo Talks Us Through His Partnership With Bettr & Managing Finances As A Creative

Loyiso Ndlondlo, affectionately known as Mr Royal, is a multifaceted creative with many talents to his name. Ndlondlo is skilled in fashion styling, modelling, creative directing, and dabbles in content creation, social influencing, social media management and community management, and recently, an ambassador for Bettr – a newly launched digital banking app aimed at a new generation of money makers.

Curious to know more about his partnership with Bettr and the brand’s mission to redefine banking and finances within the youth, we caught up with Ndlondlo to find out more about this and chat about money matters, finances and financial literary.

How would you describe your relationship with money?


What are some of the things you learnt about finances and managing money? Are these lessons you learnt as you grew up or only after you started making your own money?

Budgeting takes discipline and self-control. You need to have a plan for your finances. Set boundaries and goals for your financial life.

What kind of assistance do you think South Africa’s youth need from the country’s systems in place, such as banking?

South Africa’s youth really need financial literacy. The youth should be taught about finances, investments, budgeting, saving etc from a young age so that they are able to grow into being responsible young adults who steward their finances wisely and make wise financial decisions which would help end the vicious cycle of poverty. 

You recently partnered up with Bettr to help the brand introduce their new, digital banking app which is centred around the notion of ‘new age money makers. Tell us about your thoughts or reaction when you first heard about Bettr and this project, what was your first impression? And how has that changed for you now?

I was confused because I heard “financial institute” and “music video” in the same sentence! Well after hearing and seeing the whole presentation and heart behind Bettr, also after wrapping up the whole shoot, I’m excited for when the bank finally launches full-on. It’s a movement I want to be a part of…#changingthecultureofmoney.

As one of the Bettr influencers, where do you think Bettr can go, and what would you like to see come from it?

I think Bettr can reach the ends of Africa and help change the culture of money for young people across the continent. I would love to see Bettr help spark the conversations that will help millions of young people in Africa change their perspective towards money. And out of that, I would love to see the whole cycle of poverty come to an end across Africa starting with this

As we know, Bettr is aimed at the youth, the new generation of money makers. How and why do you think Bettr bank is a better banking option for the next generation of money makers?

I think Bettr Bank is a better banking option for the next generation of money makers because it simplifies the whole “traditional banking” culture + systems and packages it in a way that is relevant and relatable to the next generation. It is also tailored to support young people in all spheres of life instead of exploiting them / keeping them in bad debt. It’s really a step in the right direction for young people seeking to take that next step in growing + managing their finances well.” Why?” you might ask…because WE DESERVE


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