Makers Landing Hosts ‘100 Flavours’ Exhibition At The V&A Waterfront, CPT This Holiday Season

This festive season, let Makers Landing and the 100 Flavours Exhibition at the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town take you on a taste tour through South Africa’s exquisite epicurean identity.

Makers Landing opened on 10 December 2020. Located within the reimagined Cape Town Cruise Terminal, this hospitality hub offers endless opportunities to meet, eat, work, shop and learn in a space which celebrates authentic South African cuisine in all its delicious diversity. The inclusive, inspiring environment is home to a community of culinary workers with a shared vision of food and drink as a
passion point and cultural connector. Developed in partnership with the SA National Treasury’s Jobs Fund, Makers Landing champions small business development, eco-epicurean innovation and empowerment.

The 100 Flavours Exhibition educates and inspires visitors to Makers Landing with a glorious gastronomic journey through South Africa’s iconic ingredients, recipes, cooking methods and culinary tools. Discover the edible past amid archaeological evidence of the earliest cooking over fire at Gauteng’s Cradle of Humankind. Savour the first feasts with prehistoric Cape west coast shellfish midden mounds. Admire the audacity of the ancient honey hunters depicted in KZN’s San rock art and then marvel in a past meets present epicurean experience with a wild flower honey tasting. All the while walking amongst the foundations of the pre-colonial Khoi Camissa trading station.

Modern South Africa is blessed with eleven official languages and it is possible to say ‘yum’ in all of them. Literally learn how to do just that at the 100 Flavours Exhibition. Then enjoy a superb spread of contemporary regional and ethnic dining diversity. Sweet toothed taste treats include (amongst many others) Tsonga xigugu peanut sweeties, Cape Malay tameletjie toffees, Pedi tepane tea, Xhosa iQhilika mead and Afrikaner brandy-preserved boeremeisie apricots. Savoury offerings include Venda marula nuts, super-sour baobabs, Tswana style ting sorghum porridge, Afrikaner braaibroodjie, biltong and boerewors.

Dine with deities in custard layered Jodetert, Baleni sacred salt and the Cape combination of Easter pickled fish and hot cross buns. Enjoy our funniest foodie foibles while learning that there are no primates in a monkey gland sauce and mopane ‘worms’ are not actually worms at all.

In every bite of bunny chow, every spread of suurvy konfyt jam and every sip of rooibos tea, South Africans are explaining their edible identity. There is national pride in each 7-colours Sunday lunch and every Mogodu Monday. From Kalahari truffles to kifyaat kos, the 100 Flavours Exhibition at Makers Landing shows South Africa’s ultimate alimentary essence.

Between 10 and 5