Meet the Instagram Heroes guest judge for January, Yasmin Furmie

A social worker turned designer, Yasmin Furmie’s fabulous style is the star of the show on her Instagram, where her bio aptly reads “never act your age.” She’s something of an icon in the Joburg scene with a knack for making even the most unexpected style choices look effortlessly cool. Furmie now co-runs her own label, SiSi, and was recently a judge on reality TV show Raw Silk. She has said, “If you’re informed by aesthetics, I think it has to go beyond just your clothes. It has to be the food you eat, how good the food looks, how wonderful it tastes, where you travel to, what you do there, the museums you visit, the art you look at, the music you listen to.” As one of the guest judges for our Instagram Heroes awards series this month, we chatted with Furmie about her inimitable dress sense and what she loves about IG as a platform for sharing creativity on a global scale.

Tell us about your creative background. What sparked your love for fashion in particular? 

My love for fashion has always been an integral part of my life: witnessed  daily where I lived, my parents in particular, my father especially. I was always drawn to beautiful clothes and  accessories and I always had an ability to utilize fashion in unique ways. 

How did you transition from social work to the world of design? 

My social work career came to a halt when I had children. I only entered the design world seriously when my partner and I started our brand SiSi The Collection. The move from one to another wasn’t quick. Many years of being a housewife and only then did the opportunity to start a business come along. The values that I strove for in my social work career did however carry on into my fashion and design career. Values around care, environmental issues and fair working conditions are part of what our brand stands for. 

What inspired you to launch your own label, SiSi? 

The label  SiSi was launched because I felt a need to do something for myself. My children had left home and I had time to pursue a new journey. My experience with Jamal Nxledlana through Missshape gave me the courage to see the bigger picture and after a chat with my best friend Cynthia Allie, it seemed like a good idea. There wasn’t a brand in SA with the sole purpose of designing white shirts and we thought we’d give it a chance. Six years later we are still on the scene, producing white and black shirts and shirt dresses. A brand that is testament to a collaboration of creative minds. 

Do you have any other projects or collaborations on the go? 

There is a collaboration in the works but we need to fine tune some details before so I can’t speak about it just yet. I’m very open to working with brands, so if any are out there, I’m available.

Your IG account fabulously documents your inimitable sense of style. Tell us about your philosophy when it comes to fashion and the clothes you wear? 

My philosophy when it come to clothes is simple. Do what makes you happy. Tell the stories that are your unique experiences. Take risks. Don’t settle for the safe path. Break the mold and most of all don’t apologise for who you are. Clothes should be fun and induce endless joy when worn. 

What do you love most about Instagram as a platform?

I love IG because it’s so accessible. We can experience global creatives. We have access not only to clothes but to stories that have pertinent messages for people. A brand, whether individual or organizational, benefits greatly from this platform .

How would you define an Instagram Hero?

An IG hero has to be someone who uses the platform fully. One who tells a unique story, an authentic story and has a powerful point of view. 

What will you be looking for as the January guest judge for the Instagram Heroes awards series? 

As the guest judge I’ll definitely be looking for creativity, an honesty in presentation, an ability to tap into what their followers like, and great engagement. 

Photographs by xxx. Follow @yasminfurmie on IG.

The January winners for Instagram Heroes will be announced soon, stay tuned! In the meantime find out more about the campaign and how you can submit your own work here.

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