Grad Guide 2020: Angelina Wicker

Angelina Wicker‘s design style is whimsical, inviting, at times a little surreal, and grounded through the use of bold typography. In 2020 she completed her bachelor’s degree in visual communication at the Stellenbosch Academy of Photography and Design, majoring in multimedia design. The website for her studio Awica is a beautiful showcase of her varied skill set. As part of 10and5’s yearly Grad Guide, we spoke with Wicker about her creative background, stand-out projects and design philosophy.

Angelina Wicker

What drew you to pursue a path in design?

I’ve always been a very creative person and have loved painting and drawing from a young age. As I grew up I realised that I wanted to pursue something that I enjoy. Being in the creative industry makes me happy and personally that’s one of the most important things in life. I also love the way design can solve problems and create better solutions. All in all, design can be anything and can be seen in everything.

Tell us about the work you created in your final year. Any projects that stand out for you?

The final year of my degree was particularly challenging with Covid-19. It was very difficult being at home for the majority of the year and having to consult over video calls. Despite this, 2020 really taught me how to problem solve and to be independent. All the projects were unique in their own way and entailed new skills to learn. A project which really stood out to me was the interactive website which we had to design and code. This brief aimed to take away the negative stigma surrounding numbers and turn them into something fun while bringing a new perspective. I designed an experimental interactive website, Nostalgic Paradox, based on the theme numbers, as time, by capturing the meaning of nostalgia. Through the use of elements from collective childhood memories such as textiles, trends, decor, style and design. Nostalgic Paradox allows the user to re-experience their childhood with a modern twist through five unique interactive pages. 

Nostalgic Paradox

What is your approach or philosophy as a designer? 

A lot of the time, when it comes to designing, I want to tell a story and have a purpose for what I’ve created. I want to design with the intent of making a difference, whether it be with regard to social or environmental change or even just spreading awareness about ongoing issues.

How would you describe your style or aesthetic to someone who’d never seen you work before? 

To be honest, I think my style is a bit all over the place, however, I would say it’s a soft, clean, modern style with strong typographic elements.

What are your plans for 2021?

So 2021 is definitely going to be a better year, I’m finishing off my honours this year and want to continue freelancing as well as doing some photography work on the side. I hope to help small businesses and businesses that are underrepresented to thrive and make a positive change in people’s lives.

Follow @awica.studios on Instagram.

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