Grad Guide 2020: Chanel Slabbert

Chanel Slabbert received her degree in visual communication from Centurion’s Open Window Institute, and this year she’s going on to complete her honours. She enjoys working in a vector-based style, contributing to the crisp look of her designs, which are brought to life through a playful use of colour. In the following Q&A for our annual graduate showcase, we get to know Slabbert a little better.

Chanel Slabbert

What drew you to pursue a path in design?

Growing up as a creative individual, I have always had a passion for art and exploring my imagination. From crayon drawings on the driveway to taking art as a subject in high school, I have always been intrigued by the aesthetics of my surroundings and fond of the creative aspect of life. 

Tell us about the work you created in your final year. Any projects that stand out for you?

The projects I created in my final year allowed me to push myself as a designer. Each project presented a new opportunity to let my creativity be explored while learning new ways of thinking critically about design and applying my skills. My favourite project produced during my final year is George Gin as I was able to add a personal touch and thoroughly enjoyed this project from start to finish. 

What is your approach or philosophy as a designer? 

During my first year at Open Window, our illustration lecturer made a statement that had a profound impact on me, “learn to love your line.” This statement reminded me that as a creative, you should be confident in your design style and process. 

How would you describe your style or aesthetic to someone who’d never seen you work before? 

As for my style, I love working in a vector-based style, always accompanied by a colourful palette. The world around me influences me. I aim to make designs that are attention-grabbing, bold and which visually portray the message. As I constantly grow and develop as a designer, my style grows and adapts with me. 

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Who would you most like to collaborate with in the local creative sphere?

Maggie de Vos. I love her unique design and illustration style, her tongue-in-cheek designs, her quirky design approach, and her colour choices. 

What are your plans for 2021?

My plans for 2021 is to further my studies by doing my honours in visual communication at Open Window and to add to my creative portfolio through freelance work in my spare time. I aim to keep pushing myself as a designer and creative, and to create some of my best work yet. 2021 will be an exciting, challenging and rewarding year! 

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