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Grad Guide 2020 | Chloë te Water Naudé

As part of our Grad Guide 2020 series, we had the pleasure to hear from Red and Yellow visual communication graduate Chloë te Water Naudé. Naudé is also part of 10and5’s A3E programme: Artists Acceleration and Exposure, wherein she had an exhibition at Mini’s showroom in 2019. In a Q&A she expressed some of the challenges and achievements she’s experienced through her studies, especially in her final year. Naudé finds huge value in the power of visual storytelling, and executes this in a unique hybridisation of graphic design and illustration.

Chloë te Water Naudé

What do you love about illustration? 

What I love about illustration is that it is visual storytelling. I understand and experience the world in a visual way, and illustration is a way for me to make sense of it all. I majored in illustration not necessarily because I wanted to become an illustrator, but because I wanted to hone my abilities as a visual storyteller so that I could tell stories and express moods and feelings through any work I do, be it through designing a brand identity, or art directing/styling a shoot.

Tell us about the work you created during your final year.

I really enjoyed all the final year projects, I loved that I was given the freedom to tailor the briefs to my skill set and what message I wanted to bring to the world through my work. One of my favourite projects was my final brief which was aligned with my Visual Studies research paper, addressing Instagram’s censorship regulations regarding the female nipple. It was so exciting to be able to bring a whole years worth of researching, thinking and writing to life in a visual manifestation. 

How would you describe your style to someone who’d never seen your work before?

My style is bold, not too cluttered and I use colour in an intentional manner, often as my main way of conveying meaning.

What would you like to be known for in the local creative industry?

I would like to be known for my visual storytelling style, specific use of colour and definitely as a hard worker who will go to the ends of the earth to get the job done.

What are your plans for 2021?

Yikes! That’s a terrifying question to ask a fresh graduate in these crazy times, but alas, I think now more than ever, the power to create magic is in our hands which is extremely exciting and empowering – and that is exactly what I plan to do.

What were some personal projects (not necessarily linked to studying), that you’re passionate about?

I always have way too many side creative projects going at any one time, but a recent favourite is an illustrated alphabetical guide to South African beers which I’m hoping to get out there soon!

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Grad Guide is an annual series from Between 10and5, profiling some of South Africa’s most exciting creative graduates across the fields of fashion, art, photography and design. Find the full 2020 Grad Guide here.

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