A Fresh Twist with Beefeater Blood Orange

Following months of uncertainty within the alcohol industry in South Africa, gin lovers and enthusiasts can get ready to welcome a new player from world-renowned gin makers Beefeater. Beefeater Blood Orange is a brand new variant building on the brand’s extensive list of experimental offerings. Made a little different, the bursting flavour of blood orange lends a fresh twist to the dry gin base. We learn more in an interview with brand manager Warrick Wyngaard.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role as brand manager for Beefeater, including your career that’s lead up to your current position.

Sho! I’ve lived a colourful life. Starting as a copywriter in Cape Town, I have learnt a lot of things, the most important thing being to keep the passion alive. I’ve carried this through what has become a 10-year career in sales and marketing within the liquor industry. I think this passion is a big part of my success in liquor, taking me through multiple categories including tequila, rum, vodka and now gin. Not just any gin, The World’s Most Awarded Gin! You can only imagine how much passion and resilience was needed as a marketer in the most dynamic liquor category during a pandemic with liquor bans in an extremely social country. But here we are, and we hope to give South Africans a new approach to the way that they see gin, but also to the way they approach challenges during these times.

Beefeater has been around for decades, and has become one the world’s most popular gin brands. We’re curious to hear the story of how it started and how it’s become what it is today.

Beefeater is The World’s Most Awarded Gin brand and with its distillery based in the heart of London, it’s the only historic dry gin distilled in the capital city. Created by James Burrough in the 19th century, the iconic Beefeater recipe has remained virtually unchanged and today is guarded by Beefeater’s Master Distiller, Desmond Payne, the most experienced gin distiller in the world. It’s also loved by bartenders internationally for its consistent, outstanding quality and its classic London dry taste.

We have learnt that Beefeater will be launching a new variant, adding to their list of gins that are currently available. Briefly tell us about this new variant and the concept behind it.

With over 200 years of heritage, Beefeater is now introducing Beefeater Blood Orange. This brand new expression builds on Beefeater’s long history of experimentation and is expertly made in London. Beefeater Blood Orange is made a little differently, creating the ultimate fresh twist in flavour. We add sweetened natural blood orange flavours to the dry gin base to create a drink with a fruity aroma and a distinct juniper aftertaste. The final taste is natural and balanced yet juicy and bold.

The campaign, “A Fresh Twist”, is a personality switch, looking at the world with a new perspective, celebrating life with enthusiasm, charisma and energy at a time when we need it the most. It’s a zest for life, adding a fresh twist to your approach. 

What are some of the main flavours used in this new product that consumers can expect? Is it different from previous flavours we know?

It’s delicious! The tangy flavour of blood orange gives way to classic gin notes of juniper and angelica, developing a long rich finish. It’s different to anything else out there in the sense that we have remained true to our gin base and added a twist and a citrus zest to refresh the palate.

How would you describe the process of searching for and introducing new flavours?

Locally, it’s not as complicated as you may think. Being an international brand produced in the heart of London, we had the pleasure of working with the global team on a select few options. Local consumer palates are sweeter than most markets across the world and citrus compliments gin – which we know is South Africa’s favourite spirit. So this one was a no brainer. But this is an annual process that we innovate according to the market. 

What has been the most challenging part of this process?

Definitely the rolling liquor bans, it restricts a lot of the work that happens in the background.

With the launch of this new variant, what is it that the brand aims to introduce to its current existing line of customers and perhaps new consumers, too?

The purpose of the launch is to attract new consumers so we haven’t followed the usual gin category cues in how we show up. We’d like to see ourselves as the quintessential premium yet urban gin brand, so we want to break boundaries within the category and encourage consumers to experiment with Beefeater Blood Orange outside of the usual tonic serve.

When can we expect it to be available in stores?

1 March 2021!

Visit beefeatergin.com to learn more.

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