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5 Illustration Graduates to Watch in 2021

Our yearly graduate series spotlights some of South Africa’s best creative graduates across various fields and artistic disciplines. Although 2020 had its array of challenges, the graduates of fashion, photography, graphic and multimedia design, illustration and art were no less impressive. To round off 10and5’s annual Grad Guide, meet five budding illustrators who wowed us, and will no doubt make an impression on the industry in future too.

Chloë te Water Naudé

Visual storyteller Chloë te Water Naudé graduated from Red and Yellow at the end of 2020, having majored in illustration. In her conversation with us she expressed that although the future may be daunting for a recent graduate, her passion for expressing human emotions through design outweighs this. She says, “the power to create magic is in our hands which is extremely exciting and empowering – and that is exactly what I plan to do.” Her unique use of colour and organic shapes sets her apart as a hybrid creative worth noticing.

Read our interview with Naudé.

Kirsty Davids

Kirsty Davids’ style is minimalist and in some ways surreal, favoring pastel hues and bold forms. This CPUT graduate is passionate about combatting gender-based violence, echoed in her work with KARE For Women. For our annual graduate series, the illustrator and graphic designer talked to us about pursuing her career since completing her studies. Driven by her passions, Davids’ said, “I don’t illustrate for anyone else, it is purely for me and if people enjoy it, that’s a huge bonus.”

Read our full Q&A with Davids.

Anke-Mari Geldenhuys

Anke-Mari Geldenhuys describes her style as “Illustrative fine art, somewhere within the liminal space of fiction and reality”. She studied visual communication at Stellenbosch Academy, with applied illustration design (AID) as her major. Subsequently she completed her honours degree in AID with a specific interest in printmaking. Geldenhuys draws from her childhood experiences and the connection between humankind and the natural world. In our conversation with her she spoke about utilising creativity as a communication tool to bring about transformation.

Read the full interview here.

India Tyers

India Tyers uses photography, illustration, print making and mark making in unison, creating a layered effect that bridges imagination with reality. Tyers’ honed her natural, playful style of mixed media illustration at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. Stepping out of the world of studies in 2020 with a major in applied illustration, she graduated with a BA in visual communication. Her subject matter often covers the uncomfortable, unpacking stereotypes and creating conversations around global and local socio-political issues.

Learn more in our Q&A with Tyers.

Kaylyn Kemp

Throughout her work Kaylyn Kemp puts her creative talents and light-hearted, eccentric and thoughtful style to use to share a message of sustainability. For her, illustration “truly has the ability to make something feel personal and like a connection or a relationship between you and the product or the brand”. Kemp graduated from Red and Yellow with her major art direction. This local-minded creative recently co-founded Blazon Handmade Cosmetics – sharing that every product added to their range is an exploration. Kemp’s approach on the whole is born out of a desire to take “real problems and provide awareness and real solutions”. Watch out world!

Read our full conversation with her here.

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