Members of the Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Model Good Good Good’s SS21 Collection

For their SS21 collection, Cape Town-based fashion brand Good Good Good partnered with the iconic Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (CPYO) for a special release. Featuring boxy over-shirts, cropped wide-leg trousers, ceramicist’s jackets, leisure shorts, and flowy dresses, Good Good Good’s SS21 collection was inspired by founder Daniel Sher’s past travels around South Africa as well as the state of the world during 2020.

While stuck at home and unable to manufacture during level five of South Africa’s lockdown, Sher began designing the ‘Hope’ collection – drawing on the country’s fauna and flora to bring the South African landscapes into his two-bedroom inner-city apartment. With the pandemic in mind, Sher designed the garments to be comfortable enough to lounge in, durable to withstand outdoor activities and, most importantly, presentable for social occasions – Covid-19 allowing, of course.

Past travels around South Africa and Sher’s growing interest in being part of building a sustainable apparel industry within South Africa inspired him to completely localise Good Good Good’s sourcing process for the ‘Hope’ collection. Sher recognised that not only does this localised sourcing approach reduce carbon emissions, it directly feeds into creating a more financially sustainable Southern African economy. The fabrics are woven by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified mill Mungo, located in Plettenberg Bayin the Western Cape. The collection is made with Mungo’s deadstock/faulty kikoi fabrics. Each colourway was chosen as it reminded Sher of different parts of his life and travels in South Africa.

The ‘Hope’ colourway is designed by Hope Davis, who was 14 years old when she designed the colourway through Mungo’s annual Kids of Kurland Project where 14 students from The Crags Primary school visit the Mungo mill for a workshop in textile design and production. All the profits from the sales of this textile go towards Kids of Kurland – an organization that funds additional teachers in Crags Primary school. Sher chose the ‘Hope’ colourway as the cover and title colourway of the collection as it is vibrant, unique and, most importantly, this textile has been designed by the future generation for a fashion collection that aims to contribute to the preservation of the natural world.

Created as an ode to the local environment, the other colourways within the ‘Hope’ collection are named after natural resources and Southern African nature reserves. ‘Sandstone’, after the sandstone found around South Africa that makes up many of our rocky terrains. It is a prominent feature on many of the hikes Sher takes with friends. ‘Cape Point represents the azure tones of the oceans and skies of the Southernmost Point in the Cape Peninsula. The white and green in the colourway remind Sher of where the ocean meets the Cape Point mountain. ‘Kelp Forest’ represents the seaweed forests that are carbon sequesters and are often found within the waters of the Western Cape, especially around the coasts of Cape Town, which is home to a variety of sea creatures.

‘Nature’s Valley’ with its vibrant and contrasting colours alludes to Sher’s psychedelic visual experience when hiking and tripping through the Tsitsikamma Forest on the 5-day Otter Trail hike. The colourway reminded him of the colours he saw on both his psychedelic trips and nature walks. ‘Orange River’ references to the dark maroon tones seen in the dams, streams and secret caves of South Africa but in particular, the Orange River, which is the longest river in South Africa – connecting South Africa to other Southern African countries. Much like the river that weaves between countries, the fabric used in the ‘Hope’ collection is woven with cotton from other Southern African countries. This serves as a reminder of how our stories are woven together throughout history and, as we look forward into the future, these community bonds need to be strengthened in order to create effective movements for change.

Which brings us to ‘Namaqua’, a tribute to Daniel’s mother-in-law, and founder of their 25-year-old family-owned factory, who was born in Namaqualand. Without Jacqui and the family/community that is the Jacqui Couture heirloom factory, creating a fashion brand in South Africa would have been a whole lot more difficult for Sher than it already is. The factory, located in Cape Town, is where all the fabrics are cut and sewn into the final garments designed by Sher. Every offcut is saved and either made into accessories, like masks, or put away for future collections.

The ‘Hope’ collection is inspired by many experiences, but most importantly its vibrant colours and comfortable silhouettes are meant to bring joy into both the wearer’s life and those around them who witness it. Hope and joy are two of the most important parts of our lives. They go hand in hand. Hope allows us to envision a brighter future, despite the challenges of the present. While joy is the feeling that reminds us why having the courage to, collectively, work for a better future will always be worth it. Joy is our collective celebration of life.

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Production crew credits:

Director, Photography & Art Direction: Jarred Figgins (@jarred_figgins)

Executive Producer: Christiaan Coetsee at Dare Content (@darecontent)

Producer: Jarred Figgins

Director of Photography: Dylan Boerstra (@dylanboerstra)

Camera Assistant: Marcel Maassen (@where_eye_drone)

Editor: Xander Vander at Strangelove (@strangelove_post)

Colourist: Nic Apostoli at Strangelove (@strangelove_post)

“To The Music” by Rilke read by Lazarusman (@thelazarusman)

Sound Engineer: Nic van Reenen at Field Audio (

Stylist: Peter Georgiades (@petergeorgiades)

Hair and Makeup: Justine Alexander & Teri Tomsett (@justine_nomz @teritomsett)

Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Credits:

Viola: Carlyle Botha (@carlylecullen_)

Clarinet: Tiffany Delcarme (@tiffydelcarme)

Violin: Edward Fungai (@ed_funguy)

Tenor Saxophone: Clayton Jacobs (@the_saxman.cpt)

Cello: Chris Njapha & Hannah Quass (@hannahquass)

Flute: Zoe Parks (@zoekparks)

Euphonium: Liam Petersen (@li.am_petersen)

Double Bass: Kyle Smith (@kylesmithoriginal_)

Alto Saxophone: Emilie Walters (@emilie_kate)

Saxophone: Petra Williams (@petraxwilliams)

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