5 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Learn Nguni Languages

Language can either be an inhibitor or an encourager of integration and exchange. With 11.58 million native isiZulu speakers and 8.15million native isiXhosa speakers in South Africa, there are many reasons we should all be learning Nguni languages, indigenous to the country we live in. We’re almost 30 years into democracy, and many English and Afrikaans speakers have stuck to their mother tongues, missing out on a deep linguistic well of heritage, knowledge, tradition and connection. With the help of the five brilliant Instagram accounts to follow, learning the basics of isiXhosa and isiZulu is made a little easier.

1. Ubuntu Bridge

Follow @isixhosa_gram.

2. Xhosa Talk

Follow @xhosatalk.

3. Zamani Zulu

Follow @zamanizulu_learn_isizulu.

4. Easy Zulu

Follow @easyzulu.

5. Learning Xhosa

Follow @learningxhosa.

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