Corona Free Range Humans: Around the Globe with Travel Duo Chanel & Stevo

Between 10and5 has partnered with Corona to feature South Africans who are living their lives “outside the cage”. These Free Range Humans have ditched the slog of their day to day to explore a life beyond the bounds of convention. No longer burdened by the weariness and overwhelm of the modern rat race, our South African adventurers have sought an alternative way of living. They’ve discovered the joy of disconnecting from their comfort zones in order to reconnect with nature and a greater purpose.

When you think of daring individuals who’ve left their 9 – 5 job to pursue an adventurous life, many people may come to mind – two of these being ‘How Far From Home’ founders, Chanel and Stevo.

In 2015, Chanel and Stevo took a leap into the unknown when they waved goodbye to their comfortable lives and jobs within the advertising industry, and started a journey that would allow them to escape their comfort zones, refuel their creative needs and see the world.

By leaving their home and careers behind, they intended to see ‘how far from home’ they could go. Tracking each kilometre travelled, the passionate travel influencers wrote down the distance on a small chalkboard, which they featured in a photo project, called ‘How Far From Home’ on their Instagram page.

What they had planned to be a year-long trip turned into six years of traveling through an impressive 60 countries. 

The creative nomadic duo continues to inspire travellers from all over the world through their blog, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels, and even an online store, all whilsr ticking items off their bucket list – something they affectionately call their “Wanderlist”.

Do you want to “disconnect to reconnect” and live your best life “outside the cage”? Do you dream of an alternative life, no longer weighed down by your 9-5 job? Corona is giving away R350,000 to one lucky winner to live their ideal life in nature. If you think you could be South Africa’s next Free-Range Human, submit your story here and stand the chance of winning Corona’s Free Range Fund. Because a life outside, is a life worth living.

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