Corona Free Range Humans: Van Life with the Alfino Family

Between 10and5 has partnered with Corona to feature South Africans who are living their lives “outside the cage”. These Free Range Humans have ditched the slog of their day to day to explore a life beyond the bounds of convention. No longer burdened by the weariness and overwhelm of the modern rat race, our South African adventurers have sought an alternative way of living. They’ve discovered the joy of disconnecting from their comfort zones in order to reconnect with nature and a greater purpose – a perfect example of this being the Alfino family. 

We first read about the Alfino family in an article published in 2019 and were immediately intrigued by their story. A year before the article was published, Cindy and Seth Alfino, along with their three children and two dogs, packed up their lives and embarked on a year-long journey around South Africa in their 1974 VW campervan – leaving behind their Cape Town home.

The van life is a seemingly growing trend or lifestyle that many across the globe have opted for – with reasons differing from person to person. For Cindy and Seth, it wasn’t only about the adventure that van life would bring, it was more about getting back to basics. 

In a video posted on the family’s YouTube channel, Seth shared: “There are many reasons I got to this point in my life, the one was that I’ve missed times with the kids, because I work an eight-hour day job five days a week. I only get to see the kids in the mad school rush and mad bedtime routine. So it’s not valuable time that I see them. That was one reason, spending more time with the family.”

“The other reason was we have so much; our house is not huge and we don’t have the most expensive things but we’ve got a lot of things. I thought a way to minimize what we have was to go into a smaller space so only take the things we really need, and that will teach us to live with less and appreciate stuff. Not that the end goal is to appreciate stuff, but more so to realize that we don’t really need stuff – that much stuff,” Seth added. 

Within that year on the road, the Alfino family moved from place to place every two/three days, giving them the opportunity to explore the sights of their various stops while still managing home-schooling and work. 

Do you want to “disconnect to reconnect” and live your best life “outside the cage”? Do you dream of an alternative life, no longer weighed down by your 9-5 job? Corona is giving away R350,000 to one lucky winner to live their ideal life in nature. If you think you could be South Africa’s next Free-Range Human, submit your story here and stand the chance of winning Corona’s Free Range Fund. Because a life outside, is a life worth living.

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