Vuse Inspired Live | In Conversation: Muzi Chats Vuse Performance, Booming Career & Collaboration

Since the rise of his career, Muzi has performed on global stages, the latest being the Vuse Inspired Live stage. Vuse Inspired Live is a new online event series that promises to be a game-changer for how content’s produced, consumed and enjoyed. This revolutionary, ‘never-been-done-before’ format sees up to 40 artists across music, fashion, art and travel collaborate to produce something unique and inspiring. 

We had the pleasure of chatting with Muzi about his involvement in Vuse’s Festival of Inspiration, his growing career and future collaborations.  

You started your music career in 2015, and a year later went on to release your debut album ‘Boom Shaka’. Years have gone by since then, how has your sound/style of music changed or developed since then?

It’s become more homey and warm. Still trying new things with the sonics but the message is essentially still the same, feel good vibes.

You recently partnered with Vuse Inspired Live to take part in the brand’s Festival of Inspiration. Can you tell us about your involvement in the digital festival and what viewers can expect from you?

Don’t think there’s anyone that DJ’s and performs the way that I do. Djing mostly their own original music and mashups too.

Talk us through how you prepared for your set/performance. 

Every performance prep is pretty much the same. I need to know when to DJ and when to perform which can get very tricky at times but I love the adrenaline. 

This has been the closest thing to live performances that we’ve had in over a year. How would you describe this experience? 

Obviously not having a crowd there physically takes a bit of adjusting, but from behind the decks everything is essentially the same. It was really nice being on stage again.

Vuse Inspired Live has an amazing line-up of artists and creators who will be showcasing their talents across a number of episodes. Who are some of the artists you’re excited to see?

Yay-Abe is a favourite. I’m inspired more by visual artists so seeing him and I on the same day was special. 

We’re big on collaboration, and believe that great things come out of that. What are your views on collaboration within the industry, and who are some of the artists you’d like to collaborate with in future? 

Collaboration is very important but it has to be with the right people so your story/message is not diluted. I’d love to work with Missy Elliott, Kid Cudi, Jungle and Pharrell one day. Daft Punk was up there too but they’ve disbanded now.

Vuse Inspired Live streams weekly on Wednesday at 7pm. It’s free to view for people 18 and older, but you’ll need to register at Watch Episode 1 and 2 here.

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