Instagram Heroes, our ongoing monthly award series is celebrating not only businesses and creatives, but campaigns as well. For May, we’re highlighting Saatchi’s creative team for their award-winning Stimorol Retro campaign. In a Q&A with Stephanie Symonds, Creative Director, she gave us insights into the process of bringing this to life. It was such a success, including winning best performing gum innovation of 2020!

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Bubblegum flavour has been around forever and is the epitome of old school and while everyone’s familiar with its taste, no one can really describe what exactly bubblegum flavour is. By using eye-striking visuals, the launch of the new Stimorol Retro demonstrates that the gum goes beyond just a flavour, it’s all about the nostalgia of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s.

Tell us a bit about the conceptual thinking behind this campaign from a Creative Direction perspective. How did this come about? 

The thinking really was rooted in the product, a name like “Retro” conjures up a bit more of an emotional flavour profile than something functional like say “peach”. 

So the team really sat with that and really asked the question “what does bubblegum actually taste like?” which became the provocation for the whole campaign. Cassette tapes, care bears, the fresh prince? You tell us! 

We’ve seen some incredible results and stats achieved from your work (including Retro being the best performing gum innovation of 2020)! How many creative minds were on board for this and what was this journey like?

From the outset it was just a lot of fun, despite the production limitations we had in the time of Covid these challenges lead us to some great creative solutions. Michelle Marais and Caroline Michie lead the core thinking, tone and art direction of the campaign with support from our production partners and in-house designers. 

What were the actual results from this campaign?

The overall results are as follows:

  • 1.5% value share of chewing gum category gained since launch
  • 10% contribution to Stimorol’s share of bottles segment 3 months after launch
  • 12% contribution to Stimorol’s share of Sticks 3 months after launch
  • Retro was the best performing gum innovation of 2020

With the IG Lift results being as follows:

  • Standard Ad Recall: +15.6 Pts
  • Standard Brand Awarenes: +6.1 Pts
  • Intent: +1.9 Pts

Besides the powerful combination of graphics, colour and sound, let’s talk about the concept. Thrifting, throwbacks and analog… we’ve seen such a big move towards nostalgia and the sentimental past, why do you think this is? Why do you think this resonates so well?

 It’s just cool isn’t it? I think the key interests of our consumers open up a whole world of interesting things that used to be mainstream. Music, exercise, gaming, fashion – all have a rich back story with tons of fun gizmos and innovations to borrow from.

What does winning the “1000 Grams of Likes” award in the campaign category mean to you?

It’s always a rewarding feeling to do something that your audience really loves. So it’s great to know we are creating campaigns that really speak to them.

Do you have any tips for brands/creatives just starting out a campaign – how could they go about communicating their message successfully?

Keep it simple? 

Can you share any other campaigns that you’ve enjoyed working on? Or if possible, tell us a bit about what’s in the pipeline for 2021.

We’ve just launched a new creative platform for Stimorol “Your Flavour. Your Flow.” with a brand new TVC and full social campaign that we are all incredibly proud of. Watch this space.

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