Vuse Inspired Live Festival of Inspiration: Courtnaé Paul

For the first episode of Vuse Inspired Live, B-Girl, choreographer and DJ Courtnaé Paul wrecked the decks and gave us a preview of her unreleased single, which features some of South Africa’s hottest names. Vuse Inspired Live is a ‘never-been-done-before’ format of up to 40 artists across music, fashion, art and travel, all collaborating to produce something unique and inspiring. We caught up with Courtnaé ahead of her performance to chat about her career and how she found performing for the digital festival.

You’re a B-Girl, choreographer, and DJ, too. How did you get into dancing and music? 

Dance and music all came by chance. I grew up in a home filled with different styles of music but I never thought it would become my life. I joined a church dance group around 11 and quickly realised it was something I loved. I got my first professional gig aged 15 and the rest is history. DJ’ing and music came a little later, more or less after moving to JHB aged 21. It felt like an extremely natural progression from my on-stage experience.

What drove you to pursue a career in the dance and music space? Is this something you’ve been passionate about from a young age?

I started very late for a dancer, especially with no formal training, but once I fell in love with it I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve never had a plan B. We haven’t had many (if any) dance or music success stories, especially for queer females of colour, however I’ve always been the type of person that would rather swim upstream into the unknown as opposed to playing it safe. Life is too short.

You recently partnered with Vuse Inspired Live to take part in the brand’s Festival of Inspiration. Can you tell us about your involvement in the digital festival and what viewers can expect from you?

I play a high energy DJ set with some old school and new school Hip Hop, some Afro, as well as an exclusive first performance of my unreleased single. I also do a dance segment in the Collab cube which sees me break down, perform and teach some of our latest dance trends. It’s been an awesome platform to let my creativity run wild.

You shared that you’ll be sharing a surprise single with Vuse Inspired Live viewers. Can you tell us a bit more about the single? When will it drop?

The track that I’ll be sharing is titled “Ooh Wee” and features artists such as Da L.E.S., Money Badoo and Phantom Steeze who I bring along to rock the stage with me. It’s really just a bop for the culture that brings some amazing energies together. No date set in stone yet but we’re almost there!

This has been the closest thing to live performances that we’ve had in over a year. How would you describe this experience? 

It’s been amazing! I’m the kind of performer who really appreciates and enjoys the elements of a high-level production, so needless to say this felt incredible. Everything was well thought out to give the audience the most entertainment and inspiration possible.

Vuse Inspired Live has an amazing line-up of artists and creators who will be showcasing their talents across a number of episodes. Who are some of the artists you’re excited to see?

I’m excited to see Shekhinah and hear her perform her latest material. I’m also looking forward to seeing how art is created in real-time.

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Photo credit: Oman_moloto and _rtcstudios

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