Vuse Inspired Live | In Conversation With Host, Model and Sneakerhead Kim Jayde

Read as we chat all thing Vuse Inspired Live and the importance of sneaker culture with Zimbabwean-born TV host, model, founder and managing director of KJ Productions, Kim Jayde!

You recently partnered with Vuse Inspired Live to take part in the brand’s Festival of Inspiration. Can you tell us about your involvement in that?

Vuse approached me to pitch an idea for the festival, and as much as I love fashion and travel, I thought I’d bring my unique perspective on the sneaker industry and try to educate people about this multi-billion dollar global phenomenon.

As a host I’m sure you’re totally used to being LIVE on the spot, has this experience been any different for you? Tell us a bit about it.

This was TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I had total freedom to say what I wanted and it was unscripted! I was surprisingly so nervous before I went into the cube, just nervous that I may not be able to fill up the time just talking about my love for sneakers and sneaker culture! It was a pleasant surprise when the conversation flowed so organically! The crew were a dream to work with! I didn’t want it to stop! 
Vuse BRING ME BACK! I have so much more to say!!😂😉

What were the highlights of the episode for you

I loooooved speaking about the importance of sneakers in our history and hopefully people will respect it a bit more, instead of assuming that sneaker collectors are “throwing away money in a frivolous manner.” I think globally sneaker culture is a mirror of what’s happening in music and sport (basketball & football & dance), it’s also super connected to our “role models” of the time. But I really go into detail in the cube, so you have to go watch it! I also talk about my “Grail” in my segment, AND I bring it on stage. So go check it out.

Where can we catch you next? What are some future projects you’ll be working on?

My production company is dropping a really exciting project in the second half of the year! So I’m extremely excited about that, also working on pre-production for Season 2 of Kickin it with Kim Jayde! Watch this space!

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Created by Vuse, the new vaping brand of British American Tobacco South Africa (BATSA), this high-impact, high-volume “Festival of Inspiration” will reinvent the nature of events by giving artists a platform to showcase their creativity whilst creating an engaging connection with their audiences in a meaningful and innovative way.  It’s a first for the category, and for South Africa’s entertainment industry.

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