Mrs + Mr Luke On Cultivating the Future of Creativity

Founders of Mrs + Mr Luke, Faatimah and Al Luke are a Cape Town based creative powerhouse and duo. 

Award-winning creative dynamo, Faatimah Mohammed-Luke studied fashion design and completed a year-long course in Access Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She’s not only an artist but an entrepreneur who is a founding partner of the South African designer brand, adam&eve. However, she later resigned from fashion and focused on art and interior design. 

Faatimah has participated in a myriad of international exhibitions and fashion weeks for over a decade such as an online solo virtual exhibition with the Jen Singer Gallery this year, Worldart gallery in Cape Town, and Eclectica Contemporary. Her work encompasses large-scale art and a love of minute details and intricate patterns. She’s also been influenced by her African and Arab heritage and how to enmesh the two cultures together in her art. 

She aims to introduce tessellation in a thoroughly modern way, using plastic building blocks as a medium. Her artworks have been featured in publications such as Visi Mag, The Lake Magazine, Elle Decoration, House and Leisure, SA Homeowners, and The Sunday Times publication in South Africa. Aphrochic Magazine, Create Magazine, and Dovetail Magazine in the USA

Al Luke is an all-around creative who studied Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, being in the art industry for as long as he has, his journey began at home. He creates art that continuously pushes boundaries and offers a new style of African art and expressionism freshly. Al describes his work as, “An expressive abstract line-work combined with layers of color and shape”. His work is explored through acrylic paint, markers, and spray paint. He has been in exhibitions such as the 2021 Eclectica Group Show, Eclectica Contemporary, the 2020 Scope Immersive art show in Miami, and the 2020 Aerosol Show, for World Art, to name a few. They’ve collaborated with brands such as Wanderland, BASA, and Janji. 

Mrs + Mr Luke ceaselessly create striking work through unorthodox mediums of art.

Why did you agree to be a mentor in this programme?

I believe that it is the responsibility of those who have experience and knowledge to share their knowledge with those who seek it. Sharing my journey with young creatives allows them to learn from my path, triumphs and mistakes. Knowing what the creative landscape entails, allows them to carve out a path that works for them, and also create new ways of doing that don’t currently exist.

Why do you think the Artist Alliance initiative is important?

This initiative is so important to the creative sector as a whole. This initiative allows already talented individuals to learn from skilled and experienced creatives. It gives those who have had a formal creative education and those who have not access to the same wealth of knowledge. This knowledge allows young creatives to carve a creative and business path for themselves, that is intentional and sustainable. One successful creative, directly supports many businesses from raw material suppliers, manufacturers and retail spaces. One successful creative might also employ people and further share skills and knowledge. This initiative gives young creatives an incredible advantage but also benefits so many industries in addition.

What are you looking for when it comes to the applications and mentees / what would make applications stand out to you?

The two most important things required of a young creative is raw talent and drive. Talents are innate gifts that cannot be taught, but they can be built upon and crafted. Creative skills and business acumen can be learned but that drive needs to be there.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to apply?

My advice to applicants would be to start preparing their application as soon as possible. Taking the time to think critically, get advice and craft an application that is representative of their best work is essential. Sometimes when we leave things too late, we focus on ticking all the boxes and not necessarily sharing our best.

Are there any specific areas of your craft you want to share knowledge on? Or will it be dependent on who the mentees are?

We are excited to share what we’ve learned in the visual art, public art, fashion and graphic design industries and also looking forward to learning and seeing from a different perspective. The learning and sharing goes both ways, as we all experience the world so differently.

What are your hopes for the outcome of this programme?

In every creative’s journey they will inevitably get to the point where they decide to take the leap to either freelance full-time or open their own space. A programme like this will give creatives access and insight into exactly what they need to grow and make their journey a success, positively influencing the next generation of creative minds. This programme will also give creatives confidence, knowing that they have a support network of creatives in their corner cheering them on

Apply Now

If you would like the opportunity to be mentored by one of these incredible industry leaders, you can apply to be part of the cohort until the end of July 2021.  

To apply or to find out more about the judging and applications criteria, follow this link. In addition to completing an application form, you’ll be required to submit a portfolio of 5 pieces of your best work; a motivational letter or video, telling us why you are the right candidate for the programme as well as an artist’s biography, which sheds some light on your journey and future plans. 

Successful candidates will be selected in early August and will begin the two-month long incubation and mentorship in September. The programme will run until the end of October 2021.

All applications will be assessed by a curatorial panel of experts. Submissions are open from 2 July to 31 July. 

Apply Now.


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