The Local Street Artist Representing and Empowering Women of Colour in the Industry, Nardstar*

Woodstock, the unofficial “Capital of Art” in Cape Town is home to many of South Africa’s most prominent and acclaimed artists, and that is including Nadia Fischer, widely known as Nardstar*. Nardstar* is a street artist with a focus on creating lively and distinctive graffiti murals, that are inspired by the rich culture of South Africa. Grafitti is a medium known to many as ‘guerilla art’, hybrid, and unofficial or as a sign of rebellion, which garnered the country’s bylaws against it, yet the unstoppable Nardstar*continues to make strides. She boasts accolades such as an art residency in France, completing large-scale mural projects in New York, USA, exhibitions at the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival in Connecticut, USA and the Alpha Longboards Showcase in Germany.

She portrays women of colour in their very essence and challenges the status quo of what it means to be a talented coloured woman in South Africa. Her absorbing work speaks on the importance of representation for marginalized groups, and the never-ending need for accessible opportunities and resources in a male-dominated, white cis-heteronormative world. “I think it is important for young people who are trying to build a career as a creative to have access to resources that are relevant to their hustle. This is something I struggled with when I started out, ” she says.

For the Waterfront Artist Alliance program, she believes that passionate, committed, and humble mentees will make them stand out from the rest, and advises, “Don’t apply if you are not 100% committed to your craft. Do apply if you already have creative goals but are feeling stuck and struggling to find the answers you are looking for.

Nardstar* has honed her work through neat lines, vibrant and vivid colour and detail, and geometric style. She has worked for Castle Light, Converse, Woolworths, and has done murals on residential buildings and aquariums. Her most recent exhibitions include Festival Concreto in Brazil, Worse Than Heroin at the Worldart gallery, and has scooped a nomination at the Mbokodo Woman in Arts. 

She hopes that the mentees feel more informed and determined than when they started the program.

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If you would like the opportunity to be mentored by one of these incredible industry leaders, you can apply to be part of the cohort until the end of July 2021.  

To apply or to find out more about the judging and applications criteria, follow this link. In addition to completing an application form, you’ll be required to submit a portfolio of 5 pieces of your best work; a motivational letter or video, telling us why you are the right candidate for the programme as well as an artist’s biography, which sheds some light on your journey and future plans. 

Successful candidates will be selected in early August and will begin the two-month long incubation and mentorship in September. The programme will run until the end of October 2021.

All applications will be assessed by a curatorial panel of experts. Submissions are open from 2 July to 31 July. 

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