Baz-Art’s ‘Women’s Wall’ Paying Tribute To South Africa’s Unsung Heroes

In celebration of Women’s Month, Baz-Art has unveiled its second ‘Women’s Wall’ in Fox Street, Maboneng, as a tribute to the invaluable and often overlooked role women play as the grounding rocks of their communities. Designed and executed by artist Dbongz, the wall features iconic musicians Madosini and Msaki, who were carefully chosen for the impact they’ve made on South Africa’s music industry, using their respective platforms to promote distinct South African sounds. The multi-sensory mural includes a QR code, which links to a unique playlist on Apple Music, featuring hits by the two women artists. As with its predecessors, the mural pays tribute to women and the invaluable role they play across all industries – including the arts – and in their families and communities. 

Eastern Cape born Afro-Jazz fusion musician Latozi Madosino Mpahleni is renowned for her use of traditional instruments like uhadi and mhrubhe, and has extended her voice to poetry, performing regularly at various international festivals.

Singer-songwriter and composer Msaki hails from musically gifted family in East London. Known for her soulful Indie sound, she mixes folk with symphonic movements, Xhosa lyrics and African poly-rhythms. She’s famed for her improvisations and raw delivery, using her music to tell immersive stories that inspire hope. 

Baz-Art co-founder, Alexandre Tilmans’s hope is that this latest mural continues to inspire courageous conversations around positive change. stating ‘by marrying the arts, we engage multiple senses and create an immersive, moving experience that truly showcases the talents of the artists involved. It’s a cross-country, cross-generational feat that shows what’s possible through collaboration. It’s a true celebration of African artistry.” The use of street art is strategic in it’s way of saying what often goes unsaid – ‘The artists we have chosen use their unique voices to raise awareness around traditional arts and instruments, gender, and to disrupt societies’ norms. We’re using our murals to amplify these messages and ask people to examine their biases and assumptions… and maybe find a new favourite playlist in the process! It’s only through collective will that we can move the needle for women. Encouraging these conversations is crucial.’

Street artist Dbongz says he is proud to once again be collaborating with Baz-Art and Platoon Africa to bring the mural to life, “I am inspired by the powerful women in my life, every day. This is my way to honour them and the profound influence they have had on shaping who I am. We have so much work to do to ensure this country is a safe, enabling place for women to thrive. I hope this mural inspires people to thank their mothers, sisters, friends, colleagues and partners for the pivotal role they play.” 

By accessing the mural’s QR code, pass-byers will be able to scan, listen and discover artists via Platoon Africa, who is also a proud initiator of the women wall. The music platform has curated a playlist of the featured artists. 

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