Mixed Media Artist and Halls Mentee Bhambatha On His Creative Inspirations And Motivations

One of the Halls Mentees for The Breathing Space is digital collage artist Bhambatha, from Johannesburg who creates salient and eccentric art that exudes hip-hop, fashion, pop culture, and African influences. Being mentored by one of his biggest influences and inspiration, Karabo Poppy, Wandile Zungu, aka Bhambatha, says the highlight of his experience at The Breathing Space was meeting different creatives that he can learn from and collaborate with.

“I am inspired by the opportunities and possibilities that I can create. I am inspired by the unknown street artists who would grafitti the walls I would see on my way to school as I was growing up,” he says. Think visual art and photography, freshly reimagined through Bhambatha’s lens using both traditional and digital methods. His work is transformative, fresh, riveting, and pay homage to the legendary Basquiat. He tells us more in five questions…

What helps you focus on an off day?

I would say looking for inspiration from sources outside of design and art. This could be watching wrestling or combat sport documentaries. Even cooking is something I enjoy and helps me create in a different space.

How did you know it was time to breathe new life into your passion project and pursue it as a career?

I would say that I had no other choice as I wouldn’t last as an employee. I have worked in retail, construction/civil engineering, social development and events. I’ve never been able to showcase my potential in the manner I have in any other space before.

What are some fears you’ve had as an artist and what advice do you have for someone who has them too?

My biggest fear is that I am wasting my time. That I’m not growing or contributing anything into the world, as if I’m just here watching every thing being created and experienced while I get older. My advice would be to just do what you want to do. You don’t always need permission or a signal, sometimes you have to just say, “Screw it. If I die, I die.”

What is the caffeine that keeps you going?

That everyday, even if they aren’t the same – provide a new opportunity to become something more and grow into its own Planet.

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