Life Long Learning and Creating Opportunities with Self-Taught Artist and Halls Mentee Huston Wilson

Learning is lifelong and thanks to the internet, we’ve seen a multitude of creators honing their skills through unconventional ways, like Huston Wilson, a self-taught artist from Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, who hasn’t let a lack of resources and opportunities affect him, but rather creates those opportunities for himself. He grew his career through social media platforms such as Instagram and his focus is on typography, illustration, and lettering. With a knack for entrepreneurship too, he began drawing at the age of six and started selling his photocopied Dragon Ball Z drawings for lunch money.

“Learning from others, trusting that humbling yourself, and putting in the hard work will open doors for a better future,” he says. Also a freelancer and former art director, Hust has had clients such as HBO, Facebook, ESPN, Reebok, and The Wired Magazine – to name a few. Hust shows us that drive, determination, and having the hunger to succeed and believing in your craft will get you as far as you need to. He chats to us about being a typographer in South Africa, taking charge of opportunities presented to you, and inspiring others.

What are some struggles you’ve faced as a self-taught artist?

What I faced as a self-taught artist over the years, learning new skills and techniques became late night sleeping to keep learning and understand design in the outside world. Lettering in South Africa was so rare and finding the right person to mentor you on it as well was rare too. Reading design books and watching YouTube tutorials always saved me when it came to understanding certain parts of projects I worked on.

What helps you focus on an off day?

What helps me focus not just on an off day, but on any other day is waking up early to start my day off right with a morning prayer meditation and a 30 minute work out and plan out what will be done for the day. Being prepared for what The Universe has prepared is just making sure I don’t miss the opportunity to make sure that I change the lives of others with my gift.

What is the caffeine that keeps you going?

In the morning a cup of rooibos tea is good for me, throughout the day it’ll just be water or juice, I’m not a fan of caffeine as well.

How did you know it was time to breathe life into your passion project and pursue it as a career?

Firstly, don’t rush the process but enjoy the process. I knew at a young age I wanted to share art around the world and had the opportunity at my local church to gain experience in the field from the years 2013 to 2018. On the 21st of February 2018, I worked at a design agency as an art director where I learned so much and I’m grateful to those guys who added to my life. From there, I decided to pursue my career as a full-time freelancer, and share positive messages to inspire others within my style.

What was the highlight of this experience?

My highlight in this experience was just opening myself up to opportunities and learning everyday, taking risks and trust that eventually everything will fall into place. Affirmed upon my life and that what I’m dreaming for myself and family, no man can take away but working towards my future end goals.

Where do you see your creative career going in the next five years?

Wow! In the next five years, not only do I want to grow as a creative, but inspire others and teach around the world what I have learned to get me where I am today.

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