Singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kenya Grace is the queen of taking risks, burrowing down, and getting it done. The self-taught artist was born in South Africa, raised in Southampton, and lives in North London.

Her journey with music and songwriting began in her younger years and came full circle after graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in late August 2019. The luscious R&B melodies within her music have drawn comparisons to artists like Flume, Nao, and Banks. Kenya’s music draws from her parents’ love for soulful music, as evidenced by the skillful peppering of magic throughout her production resulting in a dreamy sound that is uniquely hers.

The self-taught electronic producer injects dreamy and euphoric sounds to her crisp and swooning vocals which she beautifully pairs with bright electronic synths; her music ranges from empowering to downright beautiful. We got to host a candid interview with Kenya journeying into who she is, and what making it as a finalist in the Vans Musicians Wanted competition means to her. Read more below:

How did you get into music?

 I got into music through musical theatre in school & then started songwriting at home which I totally fell in love with! When I went to University I found production and started really developing my sound! 

How do you feel about making it to the next stage of the Vans Musicians Wanted competition?

This whole experience has been so crazy, I feel so flattered that I have made it to the final. This has been incredible! Thank you so much Vans!  

What are some of the challenges and difficulties you’ve faced during the competition?

I think so far the competition has honestly just been a huge high! When I first found out I made it to the final and when I met some of the vans team was especially amazing! 

Do you have any advice for local artists who’d like to break into the international music scene?

I think some advice I would give to local artists who are trying to get into the music scene would be: Get into production and spend some time experimenting with different sounds because you really don’t know you will develop as an artist. If you have the tools to be able to do this at home it will be super beneficial. 

What can we look forward to in 2021/22? 

I can’t wait to release music in 2022! Behind the scenes I have been working with lots of really talented producers behind the scenes, so I can’t wait to get this music out into the world! 

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