UNMUTED: Amplifying The Nightlife’s Legendary Voices With Night Embassy


Unmuted. started off as an independent record label. Lincoln Long and Draper co-founded this company because they felt the need to take over their own management. Their small label has now morphed into a network of future thinking entities such as Unmuted. Live through which they host events and Unmuted. Radio which aims to give a voice to the unheard. Lincoln Long says, “The Unmuted. Night Embassy residency will be dedicated to the unheard – the ones that are [told] to wait for their big break. Giving them a voice is what it means to “Unmute The City.”” “So it’s out with the old, in with the next”, promises Draper. “Over a three-day exhibition of culture, we will curate a festival of “after-hour creators”, from DJs to rappers, soul singers to visual artists, food connoisseurs to mesmerising mixologists, Unmuted. will reinvent Joburg nightlife


Tell us about your organisation and its aims

UNMUTED. started off as an independent record label. We (Lincoln Long and Draper) co-founded this company because we were not getting signed.

Our small label has now morphed into a network of future thinking entities such as UNMUTED. Live through which we host events and UNMUTED. Radio through which we aim to give a voice to the unheard.

Why did you enter Night Embassy?

We want to grow our brand and Night Embassy was the perfect match for our bold dreams. We knew we had won the moment we entered because what we stand for just seemed to be the perfect fit for Night Embassy and Jägermeister.

What will being an ambassador do to help you make your nightlife dream come true?

Besides the obvious financial injection, being an ambassador has and is providing us with new ways of thinking and working which we would not have been exposed to. The support from Night Embassy and Jägermeister will help us bring to life what we always thought was impossible. This unique opportunity allows us to be in new spaces and conversations that will help further our mission to UNMUTE as many people as we can.

How is this important for your community and fans and society and area as a whole?

Night Embassy has allowed us to truly give our community an experience to remember and learn from. At UNMUTED. Live we do not host events, we give people “once in a lifetime experiences.” This is the first time that we will be true to our motto in all regards. This initiative is very important because we aim to set a new standard of music experiences and we now finally have the chance to do so.

What can we expect from you in November?

We are going to welcome people into a new standard of music experiences. We believe that there are so many new ways to experience music than what we are used to. This will be a music experience like no other.

How is it working and conceptualising with Jägermeister and the Creative Board so far, some Highlands, inspirations and learnings so far ?

This has been an absolute dream. It almost feels like a cliche how perfect it is. Through this experience we have been exposed to so much that we didn’t know and at the same time we’ve been made to feel and be more confident in what we do know. Jägermeister and the Creative Board have helped us understand our brand and ourselves on a deeper level and that is something we just cannot put a price on.

Unmuted. will kick off Night Embassy Joburg on the 12th of November till the 14th of November. Their residency, “Unmute The City”, will amplify chosen voices and artists at Newtown’s legendary nightlife complex – Carfax. Tickets are R100 or R250 for a 3 day pass on Webtickets. 

Between 10 and 5