Introducing The September Creator Instagram Hero, Suzè Rooy

Suzè Rooy is an upcoming MUA who employs graphic liners and cool transitions to show off her makeup looks which are sometimes inspired by pop icons such as Doja Cat. As a  Bcom graduate and LLB student, Suzè also has a nose cuff business that sells cute staple items to elevate any makeup/non-makeup look. Read as we chat to her about her Instagram activity, her personal brand and what’s next for the rest of 2021…

When did you start your Instagram account and what inspired you?

I started my Instagram account in 2011, and I was 14 at the time so it was initially not something I thought much of. It was only in the last two years where I started to take social media as a platform to build a brand seriously. I would say what inspired me was just my love for creating content (in whichever form) and seeing the great things other creators have achieved because of the hard work they put into their platforms. 

In a few words, what does your page stand for? 

I would say that my page is a representation of who I am. I try to be authentic, genuine and believe in enjoying life. My page is an embodiment of my talents, skills and passions which includes creating makeup looks and transitions videos for hair and makeup. It also incorporates my love for traveling and food. My page has also been used to promote my nose cuff business which I recently started. I think if one looks at my page you get an idea of the type of person I am – which is a lover of artistry, travel and life as a whole. 

How has your account grown since becoming a creator, and what has this journey been like for you? 

My account has almost doubled in the last year from having  2.5k followers September 2020 to having almost 5k currently. A large part of my growth stems from creating Reels on Instagram as well as from the launch of my nose cuffs business in September 2021. However, I try not to focus on my follower count but rather choose to focus on my engagement with followers. At the end of the day, the impact and connections I make with people online is more important to me.

You’ve succeeded in not only producing incredible videos, tutorials, and products, but in creating a community on your page, tell us a bit about your audience and how you engage with them (do you ask your followers what they want to see from you or just give them the content that you want to produce?) 

My audience is great. They are very vocal about what type of content they’d like to see from me, and are also very supportive of the content I create. Some will ask for tutorials on certain looks, or send me looks they’d like me to recreate. I recently shifted from producing almost strictly makeup content, to also creating natural hair content and the support has been incredible. That shift stemmed from my audience asking me to show them how I style my natural hair and the products I use etc. With my nose cuff business, that started because my audience “forced” me to start the business lol😅. I initially made nose cuffs for myself because it’s not readily available in South Africa, and my audience loved it and for months begged me to start selling them. I eventually did it and the support and love has been so amazing and overwhelming. So a large part of what I create is based on what I enjoy and what resonates most with my audience. 

What does winning the “1000 Grams of Likes” award mean to you? 

Winning the “1000 grams of Likes Trophy” award means more than words can comprehend. I was honestly shocked when I received the news because it was not something I ever expected, especially considering how I only recently started to make a name for myself. This award serves as a reminder that I am doing something worthwhile and that hard work pays off. It also shows me that people appreciate what I do and that I have so much more support than I thought. This award is definitely the start of many more great things to come.

What is something that 10and5 readers may not know about Suzé, the phenomenal woman behind the brand?

Something people may not know about me is that I am a (soon to be 2x Graduate). I graduated in 2019 with a Bcom Law degree from the University of Pretoria, and will be completing my LLB degree (also at the University of Pretoria) at the end of 2021. I might pursue further studies but I’d be lying if I said the student in me isn’t exhausted lol. 

What can we expect from you in 2021? Any projects or collaborations to keep an eye out for? 

I have a few exciting collaborations coming up including a collaboration with Sportscene in partnership with ReebokSA, as well as a collaboration with a small women-owned jewelry business called Lunar and Lucy. I also recently collaborated with Vatika Afro Naturals and hope to work with them again in the near future. I also intend on releasing more nose cuff designs and hopefully expanding my business. Hopefully I will collaborate with more brands in the near future but I’m just grateful for the opportunities I’ve had thus far and look forward to the great things to come. 

What is your favourite Instagram feature right now and why?

My favourite feature on Instagram right now is by far the Reels feature. It’s a fun way to showcase your creativity in a short clip and the content people create is insanely good. I definitely spend more time watching reels than anything else on Instagram . 

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