Authenticity And Freedom Of Expression With The October Instagram Heroes Business Winner, Kitsune Hair

We caught a glimpse into the inner workings of Kitsune Hair, a homey Cape-Town based salon and tranquillity spot, founded by Duncan Gosling and Brandon Reeff. Kitsune’s elevation in brand likability and brand strategy success is thanks to its main elements of art and freedom of expression, which converge to the core of the brand’s business model. In our monthly award series, Instagram Heroes, we’re celebrating businesses and creators who are using Instagram to showcase their talents. Kitsune is well deserving of the “1000 Grams of Likes” trophy for October. The Kitsune founders shared some inspirations behind their craft as well as how they grew their brand. Whilst emphasizing the importance of authenticity to yourself, they give guidance from their own experiences with online tools and trends they most admire. We are brought closer to look at how this aided their modes of expression in the pursuit of growing a loved community base online as well as offline.

When did you start your Instagram account and what inspired your page and aesthetic?
We started our page in August 2020. Our inspiration for the page was a pastel feel with Yaoi references, and bubble letters. Something soft on the eye, yet colourful, is what we were going for. We wanted the portraits of our clients to be somewhat of an arcade game, imitating the ‘choose your fighter’ option typically shown in most video games.

In a few words, what does your page and brand stand for?
Fun, happiness, inclusivity, freedom of expression through hair, a lifestyle.

How has the brand grown since launching and what has this journey been like for you?
Our brand has grown tremendously. I feel like people have taken to our brand and aesthetic, because of our unique approach to hair and posting about our clients with the now popular face filler we use over clients faces. It’s been so rewarding for us. We have built the most amazing clientele as well as lifelong relationships.

You’ve succeeded in creating a community on your page, tell us a bit about your audience and how you engage with them.
Our community of followers has grown mainly from our clients’ appreciation in seeing the creativity we bring to the table. We just try to keep everything authentic to us – with no BS.

What does winning the “1000 Grams of Likes” award mean to you?
It means a lot to be acknowledged for all the hard work and thought-process behind our brand. It is truly pleasing as we did not know if our aesthetic would be well received. But this awareness brings joy to our hearts, knowing our work has been successful in its message.

What is something that 10and5 readers may not know about Duncan and Brandon, the owners behind the brand?
Something readers might not know, is that we have been dating for nearly 7 years. Our bond came from the mutual fact that we want to make our lives a work of art. We live, breath and manifest art every day. We choose to make our own reality and want to bring that idea of freedom to everyone around us.

What can we expect from you in the rest of 2021/2022? Any projects or collaborations to keep an eye out for?
We are launching Kitsune SHOP in December. Also one of our main plans this coming year is to start with the production of our own line of Kitsune merchandise with its accent of 90’s futurism.

What is your favourite Instagram feature right now and why?
We love face filters, because reality is boring! We believe in the idea that you should project the image of yourself that you want the world to see. And, who cares if it’s real or not – as long as you’re happy. Kitsune face filter coming soon!

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