STREETSMART exhibition | World art gallery

WORLDART gallery presents its February exhibition, Streetsmart. Lasting from 03 – 25 February, the showcased works feature artists MOTELSEVEN, Conform and Dion Cupido, whose artistic practices are rooted in Graffiti and Street Art.

MOTELSEVEN, Hello Kitty, 60 x 40 cm

MOTELSEVEN, prepares us with her signature Japanese manga-style paintings where prettiness and sadness lie side by side.

In her own words, Motel details the inspirations for the works featured, ‘’I am inspired by the very fragile and changing world around us. I have always tried to find meaning in life and I find creating helps to communicate with those around me’’.

She elaborates on how her personal life influences her work, ”I have always painted what I feel. Feelings of sadness and curiosity have always followed me. I am lucky that I have a Jekyll and Hyde personality with my art. With graffiti, I can have fun. It is playful and loose. When it comes to my canvas style, it takes a lot more self-reflection and melancholia to find that voice. I think the difference this time around is that I am exploring a deeper perspective, where I am connecting with my feminine and masculine personas”.

Dion Cupido, The slow reveal, 160 x 115 cm

Dion Cupido, a self-taught painter and Mitchells Plain native, lives and works in Cape Town. His early exposure to local gang graffiti and street art infiltrates its way into his edgy and socially relevant paintings.

Today, his work explores memory and identity. He combines forms of abstraction and portraiture with uniquely devised street art techniques.

In ARTAFRICA, Cupido ruminates through his thoughts and shares that he was once asked the question, “Why do I paint females?”. He answers by saying, ”A lot of people read the graffiti as a way of vandalising the female – they see a violence in my mark-making – but I don’t see it that way. When I look at graffiti; tagging, writing your mind on the wall, there’s something really beautiful about it. It’s an emotional thing I suppose – there’s an instinct to what I do, a flow”.

Conform, Face Form, 65 x 46 cm

Conform, also native to Cape Town, exhibits AI-inspired characters, futurist cityscapes and objects. The urban-visual-artist is experienced in various mediums: vector & digital, graffiti, wheat pastes, and hand screen-printing.

The main attribute within his artistic process is his ability to draw straight from his imagination, rarely using any visual references. Bridging between Street Art and Graphic Design, Conform’s work deals with introducing design elements into traditional graffiti.

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