ZERO SHTUNK! With Smellmaipits

We spoke to Simone, CEO and Founder of Smellmaipits about her quirky and super fun brand. From B.O induced anxiety to learning as much as you can while in the dermatologists chair, Simone has done and tried it all to try combat the tangy smell of a sweaty armpit. Learn how she cracked the code and cemented it with an awesome guarantee.

Who is Simone?

Simone is a 35-year-old, ex stay at home, minimalist, mom, who lives in an eco pod with her husband and three children. Other titles include wannabee philosopher, dissertation procrastinator, accidental comedian, and newbie entrepreneur. 

What is Smellmaipits?

Smellmaipits is the “trademark-able” brand name given to my life-changing natural deodorant, that I created in my kitchen, and forced my husband to use.

What’s the story behind the ‘Smellmaipits‘ brand name?

We needed to trademark the name in America so as to sell on Amazon and ‘mothers nature’ was taken 😉 also one word is easier to trademark so we combines smell my pits and changed the smelling for fun.

What inspired your journey into natural deodorant?

A combination of fear and OCD. I was psychotically editing my life of chemicals but still didn’t want to stink. When I eventually figured out how to make deo at home, from natural ingredients, that would genuinely kill the stank I started forcing all my friends to use it.

What is something you wish people knew about making their own cosmetics?

The process trumps the product… its actually the great joy of my life to sit quietly and hand pour each deo. Now that we have a factory and staff I miss those meditative moments. I would make 100 deo’s on a Sunday and they would last us weeks if not months. Now we sell about 100 deodorants in a weekend.

What’s the most challenging thing about running a cosmetics business?

I think its the same thing that is challenging about any business – you are dealing with people. Everyone works so hard for their money and it is a very big responsibility to take it away from them. The quality of the product is everything. 

Is there someone who inspires you, and why?

There are a few people. Firstly mu husband – he is everything that I am not: disciplined, calm, level-headed, and rational. He’s also the smartest person I know. The religious leaders in my community inspire me in a prolific scale. My best friends inspire me on a daily basis to be the best woman and mother I can be because they set such an exceptional example.

What have some of your favourite stink-free moments been?

The best was when the water was turned off in our suburb for a few days short of a full week and NONE of us stank because of the deo!!!! It was the best publicity ever. Also standing in the middle of a busy intersection with a sign that read ‘if you think you stink you probably do’ was super fun.

How do you select and conceptualise your scents?

Oooh good question. I am obsessed with vanilla and feel like mint balances it so well. That was my first goal for a scented deo and it’s now our best seller by a very long way. Then I like to experiment with essential oils that appeal to me and put the out to market. Our current line of scents represent those which have sold the best over the past 18 months.

What do you love most about what you do?

Honestly, helping people. I literally know the shame of knowing that I’m shtunking and not being able to do anything about it. I legit get emails every single day from people saying: you changed my life. And the truth is this deo changed my life. Self-confidence is not to be underrated.

What have some of your career highlights been?
A big one was when I was approached by a man in our community. Years previously I had been desperate to buy a piece of land from him and he wouldn’t sell to me and was resolute on his price. Fast forward to last year: he was so desperate to be involved in my business that he offered to give me anything, ‘even the land’ in exchange for shares.

Who are some of your favorite natural cosmetic brands?
Only local obv: Lulu and marula, so pure, and pure primal – obsessed!

What are you currently listening to?
Podcasts and sleep meditations coz my brain doesn’t switch off. 

What mantra, if any, is getting you through the first half of 2022?
Sho…um…..slow and steady wins the race; don’t look how far you’ve got to go; look how far you’ve come! 

Which 5 items are getting you through your day? 


My deo

Do you have any advice for other small businesses looking to get started?
Yes, omg, JUST START!!!! Put your product out there. If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product then you launched too late. Do not wait for perfection just get it to the people and hear what they have to say. Also, e-commerce is the shopping revolution; yoga pants for the win.

What can we look forward to from Smellmaipits in 2022?
Better service and delivery as we are moving into ParcelNinja’s smart warehouses; quicker delivery times; limited edition scents; and, of course, ZERO SHTUNK!

Where can we find you?

IG: @smellmaipits  

FB: but who cares about Facebook anymore?

YouTube: SmellMaiPits

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