10and5 is a small team with big plans for your brand.

The people who work at 10and5 share the same vision and values for the community and audience we speak to. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun. We combine sharp creative thinking with digital strategy innovation to provide all-encompassing digital publishing, marketing and events services that will give your business a clear advantage. Get to know the people behind our team!

Here’s Lianca!

Lianca Heemro is one of Between 10and5’s key editorial writers and content creators. You can view her as a point of reference when it comes to the company’s editorial needs and database. She is tasked with creating the voice that would speak to our focused audience of South Africa’s emerging creative industry across art, design, fashion, advertising and more. Her experience is broad, and enables her to work on diverse projects for innovative marketing campaigns, such as Beefeater: City Stories, and Aperol: Together We Joy.

Lianca Heemro is a Cape-Town based artist and creative freelancer, whose artistic practice involves methods of painting, installation, video work, sound work and sculpture. Her painting project, Kō re, which translates from Khoekhoegowab to English as ‘look’, is the concept which drives the meaning in paintings. Her work is available at online outlets, The Poster Club, and Art Gazette.

Joining 10and5:

”I have always had a passion for writing. Writing is a very personal and inherent method of expression. Working at 10and5 has shown me the power of connecting with the general public through writing. The opportunity to be a voice for the creative scenes which surround us, with daily reporting of important news and updates, is an exciting stream of work to be a part of”.

Exciting moments on Lianca’s radar:

”In 2020, I graduated from University, and later focused on my artistic work. 2021 was an exciting one for me too, I connected with quite a few interesting and artistic humans! Myself and my close friend Alis Kotze, founded our art & design studio, A studio. Shortly after, we started to work together and produced The Philosophy of Language, a collaborative project with Lucky Nature. Looking into the rest of the year of 2022, I’m excited to continue more collaborations within A studio, and I also look forward to studying again in the near future”.

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