Gallery: Music meets street-style fashion at Cotton Fest 2022

Cotton Fest year of 2022 has arrived! See you on campus today, as the event continues to stage both well-known and upcoming South African talent. Not only does Cotton Fest showcase the diversities in various genres of music, it also celebrates various lifestyle elements within culture including fashion and sport.

In memory of the co-founder of the festival, Riky Rick, organisers have promised that the weekend will be filled with the celebration of life and appreciation of current youth culture. The event is powered by Africa’s first digital banking app for creators, by creators and supported by Puma, YFM and Jägermeister.

Each year attendees flaunt their Cottonology drip. Courtesy of Cotton Festand @everydaypeoplestories (Cedric Nzaka), here are some snaps of this year’s attendees on Campus at the University of Cotton Fest.

Image courtesy of Robot boii
Image courtesy of Robot boii
Image courtsey of Valhalla Hotf

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