With years of experience in the industry, Mike Sharman’s creative background falls upon a zigzag trajectory of PR, Marketing and Communications, and a previous acting and stand-up comedy career in Hollywood. The multi-talented entrepreneur gave in to the creative itch calling for a new book release. Through Brandalism, Mike breaks down complex ideas about Advertising, simplifying them and addressing a new method of Advertising, which he calls anti-advertising. 

What is this book about? 

”Brandalism is my second book. This book covers a whole host of topics, everything from starting a business, cash flow, how to raise money, marketing campaigns, products, public relations, and influencer marketing. So, Brandalism is very geared toward a marketing and branding sort of audience”.

Walk us through some of the key chapters in this book.

”I really like the chapter which focuses on influencers, because the world has become obsessed with influencer marketing. But, I think there are topics in there that are relevant to all entrepreneurs and even relevant to corporates”.

Your book talks about ‘Building brands by vandalising the Status quo’. Let’s unpack what this means.

”Brandalism has this very solid anti-advertising agenda. You know, advertising has built itself on selling perfection. And in this day and age, with the kind of proliferation seen on popular platforms, such as Tiktok, we are less faced with refinement and attention to detail when it comes to crafting quality content. So, Brandalism talks about the fact that you should continue to actually vandalize your own brand, destroy it, vandalize it, update it, and almost treat your brand as if you are Banksy. Make a social commentary about it. Moving forward, Brandalism aims to reposition your thought internally. And it can start with your startup, your potential launch of a new business or your freelance project. If you do not continue to damage, destroy and recreate. Ultimately, you will fail”.

You can purchase his book online at Exclusive books or Amazon and you can also continue to follow this story on Mike Sharman’s IG page.

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