Boredom Studios x JJ collaboration LAUNCHES NEW COLLECTION & WEBSHOP

Boredom Studios has officially launched a Webshop alongside a new collaborative capsule collection with Captonian Artist, Graphic Designer and Dentist Jean Jooste

Ignited by a hyper-sensed curiosity for anti-climactic chaos and with a mild obsession of money, capitalism and boredom, Boredom Studios figuratively lands itself in a position of ‘somebody that’s running away with a briefcase full of money to buy themselves out of the state of boredom’, as put by the founder himself, Shakes Mbolekwana.

Together with JJ, Shakes Mbolekwana aimed to reinstate the brand’s identity by incorporating a minimalistic design for each piece. Composed over clean-cut fabric, the simple lines, shapes and bold text give new life by their hint of abstraction.  

The capsule maintains Boredom Studio’s signature men’s-fitted and oversized silhouette, and includes other everyday pieces, such as Hoodies and Tote bags – a nod to contemporary streetwear styling trends. The collaborative capsule is officially available now on the Boredom Studio Webshop.

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