‘An Enquiry into Pedagogy’ | Hotel Hernandez Art School’s First Graduate Exhibition

In this first ever-edition of Hotel Hernandez Art School, a group of seven established and emerging artists were carefully selected and invited to take part in an eight-week programme. The recently developed programme is an enquiry into pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching – itself, and aims to transcend the conventional hierarchical system of education. The group was dynamic and diverse, both in their disciplines and their levels of experience.

The programme began with an introductory class by renowned professor Dr Stefano Azzali. His discourse was intended to spark thought and conversation, and establish an underlying theme for the course. The artists then went back to their studios to start on a new body of work. From that point on, the artists attended weekly salon sessions at the Belmont Mount Nelson Hotel and presented their works in progress to their fellow artists.

During the sessions, each artist had a chance to both give and receive input and constructive criticism, simultaneously accepting the role of master and apprentice. Artworks were brought out of the studio an into the salon and passed around the hands of the artists for close inspection and a tactile experience. They were encouraged to question their work and to ask their peers and themselves the hardest of questions in search for the sincerest answers.

The artists took the opportunity to explore new ideas and techniques in a setting which provided ample insight into several disciplines and angles of approach to the creation of art. It was a beautiful process to witness, and Hotel Hernandez Art School is exceptionally proud of the artists and the works that they have produced, and is delighted to present them to the public in this exhibition hosted at the Iziko South African National Gallery.


Anico Mostert

Ashley Walters

Erin Chaplin

Haroon Gunn-Salie

Sukuma Mkhize

Water Dixon (Cait Warther & Wendy Dixon)

About Hotel Hernandez Art School

Hotel Hernandez Art School is a recently founded art-club-like academy that offers established and emerging artists a platform to develop work in a collective environment. The aim is to offer artists a space that encourages free flowing creativity, unrestricted by institution or gallery, and supported by fellow artists. The HH Art School program engages its artists in peer-to-peer crit sessions formulated to offer alternative angles of approach, to stimulate thinking and to give access to diverse disciplines. It allows artists to bring their art creation process outside of the isolated studio space, and into a shared salon environment. The long-term vision is to establish an artist community and fellowship that resembles in form those of the previous century, which produced revolutionary art movements.

About Iziko Museums of South Africa

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