Accomplished South African photographer Dave Southwood shares his story in a new Sweet-Orr video series

For more than 20 years, acclaimed South African photographer Dave Southwood has been traversing the country, capturing the stories of people who often live on the periphery of society. Through his lens, he explores the way in which ordinary people with extraordinary stories and circumstances live their lives, capturing honest moments to inspire understanding and empathy. 

“I value very direct photography,” says Dave, “that shows the world clearly as it is. I don’t believe in too much manipulation or trickery. Through my work, I want to show people what the strange and wonderful parts of the world look like, and give different communities an opportunity to understand each other.” 

Inspired by people, and the structures and architecture with which they interact and live, Dave has captured some of the most thought-provoking, and poignant images in the country. Today, his work is celebrated around the globe as he continues to investigate, question, and document the world around him. “If my work does anything,” says Dave, “it will show people how communities on the periphery of society function, why they came to be and what their hopes and dreams are. In some instances, if I didn’t take these pictures, these stories would just evaporate, and there would be no record.” 

Learn more about Dave and his deeply-rooted love for photography, in the latest Sweet-Orr #LoveWhatYouDo campaign video.

Dave, along with nine other South African artists, tradesmen and craftsmen are sharing personal stories about their work and craft with Sweet-Orr, in the #LoveWhatYouDo campaign. Inspired by the passion for their work, and the way in which they push boundaries in their fields, Sweet-Orr showcases these remarkable individuals in a series of videos that will be released throughout the 2022.

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