Catching a Break w/Lemii Loco

For 87 years, ‘Have a Break, have a KITKAT” has remained synonymous with the much-loved KitKat chocolate bar. In the spirit of taking a break, the chocolate brand has launched the What a Difference a Break Makes digital comedy series. We caught up with the hilarious Molemo Lehoko (@Lemii_Loco) to learn more about how he takes a break, what we can expect from him this year, and some of the best advice he has received throughout his career. Read more:

How do you take a break, and what does that act of self-care mean to you?

I take a break with some alone time. Playing FIFA, watching sports and stand up comedy is my go to. Self-care means taking time out to detox from the rat race. 

What is some of the best advice you have ever received?

“At your peak be careful, because that is when the devil comes for you”

Take us through your comedic journey, how’d you start and what inspired your IG question stickers? 

I’ve always been a huge junkie for stand up comedy and sitcoms. Even from a young age. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, in person and online. I got into the QnA’s because I was stuck at home during lockdown and thought I’d just meddle in other people’s relationship business. 

What can our audience expect from you this year? 

More original content on YouTube and trying myself out at stand-up comedy. 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard / a joke someone has told you?

 My friend’s uncle came home super happy one day because he had just won some money from gambling. He decided to bring home a live chicken to be slaughtered and eaten that same day. While the food was being prepped, he went back out to gamble some more. He comes back home at 2 am, after losing all his money this time around, asking for chicken, the family tells him his food is in the microwave. He starts shouting and says he brought the chicken alive and now he wants it back alive.

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