Pastry Skincare is Beauty on TApp’s own skincare brand. Created in South Africa, these products are all locally baked, formulated and manufactured with the consumer in mind. 

In 2015, Joburg-native Mathebe Molise founded Beauty on TApp, an e-commerce business that works with an extensive line of local and international beauty brands – forever adding value to their customers’ everyday skincare and bodycare routines. At the beginning of its journey, this business was a “find a beauty service” app. A few years down the line, it has now transformed into an online beauty store (e-tailer). In 2021, Mathebe founded Pastry Skincare, a brand that is exclusively available online through the Beauty on TApp platform. Read below for more about Pastry Skincare’s journey:

Pastry’s unique selling point is the innovation seen in some of their most popular products. Some of the skincare brand’s hero active ingredients are Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, as well as the recently added Alpha Arbutin and Ceramides which are included in their face care offering.

Pastry Skincare’s back-story is inspired by their devotion and commitment to becoming more educated about their customers’ needs. Learning from their community members, most of whom who tend to struggle with specific skin issues such as body acne and textured skin, Beauty on TApp saw a gap in the market for a skincare range that infuses active ingredients in their body care products. In conclusion, the personal experience which involved interacting with customer-needs helped them to figure out what their likes, needs and wants are.

To get to the point about any exciting plans coming up for your brand?  This July and August, Pastry launched a new body wash alongside their very first range of face care products. Soon you will be able to shop a five step face care routine from Pastry, as the brand is continuously developing new products to accommodate the ever-growing needs of our customers. 

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